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The Pros And Cons Of Working With A Fitness Coach

The Pros And Cons Of Working With A Fitness Coach

The Pros And Cons Of Working With A Fitness Coach

Whilst health is a personal affair, having external support and advice can be the determining factor when it comes to realising optimalhealth. Choosing an online fitness coach can offer such external support. Although it can be a confusing decision, we’ve created this article to explore both the pros and cons of an online fitness coach to determine whether the investment is worthwhile. 

Pros Of Working With An Online Fitness Coach

Offering Initial Structure 

At the start of anyone’s fitness journey, we realise that working out and reaching specific goals can be a lot easier said than done. Many people can find it overwhelming setting up complex routines which address the needs of their specific body type. This confusion can discourage people from investing their time in fitness altogether.   

An online fitness coach can help by:

  • Finding the type of exercises suited to you: Whilst each of us has our own specific fitness goals and preferences, a coach will be able to create a fitness plan that works best for you. 
  • Putting together a reasonable program: Finding a proper load and frequency for your workouts is no walk in the park. A coach will assist you in determining how much you’re able to take on, what training will be most effective and when it’s time to turn things up a notch.

Realising Your Fitness Goals 

Following a set plan created by an online fitness coach accustomed to your specific needs will allow you to achieve your goals.  You’ll not only save time but also reach your fitness goals in the most effective and productive way possible. 

An online fitness coach can help by:

  • Setting realistic goals: There’s no bigger motivation thief out there than not seeing any results. That’s why it’s important for us to set the bar at an appropriate height so we can see real progress and results. 
  • Holding yourself accountable: The combination of having a set time and place as well as being accountable to another person will be motivation in itself to help you achieve your fitness goals.   

Reducing Risk of Injury

This might be the most common reason why people decide to hire a fitness coach. The risk of injuries, especially when adding a new and unfamiliar workout schedule to our repertoire, are high. Many people are seriously injured by performing complex exercises they haven’t received training for. 

An online fitness coach can help by:

  • Targeting the right stretches:Although we often forget it, performing the right stretching is essential to good health
  • and just as important as the workout itself. 
  • Warming up to ensure stability: Starting off with an effective warmup that addresses all the muscles included in your workout is of utter importance when it comes to avoiding injuries.  
  • Work around any disease, illness or condition:We’re all wired differently. We may have our own pre-existing health conditions that need to be accounted for when planning fitness routines. An online fitness coach can do exactly that to ensure your training improves, rather than hinders, your health.  

Cons Of Working With An Online Fitness Coach

The Cost
Let’s face it. The biggest reason people end up not getting around to working with a fitness coach is due to the cost. A personal trainer can indeed be expensive. However, whilst it can be challenging determining whether investing in a fitness coach is worthwhile, an online fitness coach reduces this challenge by offering the most affordable option out there. 

Not As Enjoyable

At times, a personalised training session decided by a coach can become something you resist as you find certain elements unsuitable, difficult or lacking in stimulation. Despite this, an online fitness coach is there to offer you the support you need. If you ever feel you’re not enjoying your fitness routine, simply have a conversation with your coach to reassess your training and create an improved fitness schedule that’s right for you. Ensuring fitness is enjoyable is fundamental so you can stick with your goals and see long-lasting results. 

The Verdict

So, after examining the pros and cons of choosing to work with a well-regarded online fitness coach, such as Caliber Fitness, it’s clear there are far more positives that reflect why the investment is a worthwhile and valuable decision. After all, what are we without our health?

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