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The Rise of High-speed Fibre Broadband – But Why is Germany Falling Behind?

The Rise of High-speed Fibre Broadband – But Why is Germany Falling Behind?

If you’ve been familiarising yourself with the build up to the UK election of late, you’ll have seen both Labour and the Brexit Party announce key policies surrounding the roll-out of free broadband..

Labour has unveiled an ambitious plan that will look to deliver free fibre broadband to every home and business in the UK, for example, whereas the Brexit Party is offering complimentary, base-level connectivity in the nation’s most deprived regions. 

However, it should be noted that the UK has one of the slowest average broadband speeds in the whole of central Europe, whilst Germany is only ranked 27th in the world despite being home to an incredibly sophisticated tech scene. But why is Germany continuing to lag behind, and what impact is this having on the economy?

Where Does Germany Rank Overall?

As we’ve already said, Germany is ranked 27th in the world in terms of its average Internet speed, which may not seem so bad at first glance.

However, the EU’s leading economy trails behind relatively modest European countries such as Slovenia (26th), Lithuania (21st), Hungary (20th) and Latvia (16th). 

With an average broadband speed of 24.64 Mbps, Germany also lags behind fellow economic behemoths like France (22nd), Belgium (14th) and the Netherlands (8th), whilst even minnows such as Luxembourg and San Marino boast a superior ranking.

What’s more, the Germans also lag way behind the world’s leaders, with Taiwan boasting an average broadband Internet speed of 85.02Mbps. Singapore follows closely behind with an average speed of 70.86Mbps, with Jersey, Sweden and Denmark combining to make up the remainder of the top five.

Why is Germany Lagging Behind and What’s the Impact of This?

Now, whilst it can be argued that Germany’s average broadband is considerably quicker than the global average of 11.03Mbps, it should be noted that 37 of the 50 top-ranked countries are based in Europe.

However, Germany is only the 20th best-placed European nation in respect of its broadband speeds, and the question that remains is how can this be the case for such an economically strong and technologically advanced country?

Surprisingly, this issue is being largely caused by Germany’s inability to upgrade its smartphone and mobile network systems, leaving users grappling with 3G in a world where most regions are transitioning to 5G capabilities.

The impact of this is clear; with business leaders in Germany warning that continually sluggish Internet connection speeds could well hinder an already struggling economy and cause the market leading sector to lose its edge.

With an estimated 29% of German Internet users also reporting Internet speeds of less than half of what was promised by service providers, it’s clear that sole traders and small businesses are struggling to record optimal levels of output on a daily basis.

The Last Word – What Can be Done to Correct This?

Aside from government level investment in IT infrastructure and the roll-out of 4 or 5G networks, what other steps can be taken to resolve this increasingly problematic issue?

Well, one step that business-owners can take is to invest in equipment such as network cable testers, which are sold widely by suppliers such as RS Components and can be used to measure an existing LAN connection.

In short, this can measure accurate Internet speeds, both in real-time and over an extended period of time. This way, you can highlight any obvious deficiencies, whilst also identifying any particular issues that occur during certain times of the day.

This should help your business to determine whether or not you need to invest in a faster and higher quality broadband connection, or if there are in-house steps that you can take to reduce usage and drive greater levels of efficiency.

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