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The Role of Creativity in Human Life

The Role of Creativity in Human Life

Being creative is something that is overlooked when a person reaches a certain age, as it is not a skill that is generally accepted as necessary in most jobs when in fact people continue to benefit from their creativeness even when they stop being children. The skill of being creative is not just useful for jobs in the arts, but can be applied to all kinds of jobs and times in your life. We will be discussing this very topic in this the role of creativity in human life article.

Stimulating Your Brain.

 Creative is shown to be very effective for brain stimulation, it is very important to stimulate your brain as your brain is made up of an average of 86 billion neurons that need to be used in order to maintain a good connection between them. Furthermore, some scientists believe that brain stimulation is also key in your body developing new replacement neurons and cells in your brain when the old ones get damaged for whatever reason.

A major part of your brain can be stimulated by taking part in naturally creative activities such as the arts whether that is drawing, writing stories or poetry, or playing music. Often being creative is something that is overlooked as something that does not require a lot of brainpower when in reality it is exactly the opposite, being creative requires a lot of thinking.

You, Will, Be Better at Dating and Romance.

Furthermore, people that are more creative will be much better at dating than those that are not. It will help them to be a more unique dating experience which will, in turn, help them to stand out from the rest of the crowd that may be doing the same old thing of for example taking their date to a restaurant or the cinema.

Moreover, a study conducted by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has found that individuals that are on average more creative will also be more passionate which will in turn allow them to be more caring and fun lovers to their romantic partners. This passion will also mean that they will be more loyal lovers as they are more likely to fall hard for someone which again means that they will make for much better partners.

A Longer Life.

 Research done by the news publication called the Scientific American shows that on average people that are more creative will end up living much longer than those who don’t. It is not 100% known yet why this is the case, however, scientists believe that it is because creative people use more of their brain in activities such as problem-solving. This in turn allows them to have healthy brains, it is similar to how people that exercise will have much healthier bodies.

It could help prevent brain-related illnesses such as amnesia and dementia which in later life can lead to loss of cognitive ability and loss of memory of past events. The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body so it is essential that is maintained in a good shape otherwise you will likely experience severe issues the further you go in life.

Helps With Finding a Purpose in Life.

The role of creativity in human life is very big, as it can help us find a purpose in life. This is actually very important because simply chasing money and fame is not going to make you happy in the long term, after all, you do not want to be one of those people that we have featured in our pictures with greedy people article.

People that enjoy being creative will not want to get stuck with a mundane job for most of their life, but instead would want to do something that challenges them and requires them to employ their creativity in order to help them succeed at their chosen task. Being challenged is what makes life interesting and finding that purpose in life such as helping people will leave you satisfied that you have left your mark on the world rather than senselessly chasing approval from strangers.

Problem-Solving in All Kind of Scenarios.

Skills that you may learn from the arts can help you become a more creative person overall that can deal with problems of all kinds in different situations without succumbing to the pressure. Everyone who wants to succeed in life will experience many problems that they will need to overcome and find an answer.

The only people who don’t experience any problems that require problem-solving are those that do not do anything. You can learn more about the forms of art that can help boost your creative ability and skills on the art portal.

The reason why being creative helps so much with solving problems is that it can help you think outside of the box allowing you to potentially much faster find a solution that may not be too obvious at first.

Stress Relief.

Often stress is overlooked as something not important, when in fact it is detrimental to both your physical and mental health. Stress is an evolutionary feature that developed in order to give humans and their ancestors the urge to sort out problems that in those times were likely life and death scenarios. Stress overpowers your body and weakens your immune system making you more susceptible to diseases, additionally, it makes it harder for you to sleep with sleep deprivation further weakening your immune system and making it harder for you to handle difficult situations as you will be more agitated.

Art or creative activities will act like a pressure valve that you can turn on in order to relieve that stress that you have been building up from work or your relationships with other people. This will in turn allow you to make better and smarter decisions as well as being able to keep going for much longer which is often required as difficult situations take quite long to fix.

Everyone Is Naturally Creative.

The role of creativity in human life becomes even more apparent when it is pointed out that everyone is naturally creative, this was discovered and widely publicized in what is known as George Land’s Creativity Test which is a study conducted by a scientist called George Land who surveyed different age groups and found that 98% of children between the age of 3 and 5 years old are creative, but this percentage drops dramatically to 30% when a group of 10 years old were surveyed.

This shows that pretty much every person in the world was at one time a creative person, however for a variety of reasons such as insecurities and outside pressures such as society they ended up unlearning those natural qualities in order to fit in.


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