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The Role of Schools in Sustaining Juvenile Justice System Inequality

The Role of Schools in Sustaining Juvenile Justice System Inequality

Children’s experiences with the juvenile justice system often differ depending on the race of an individual who broke the law. For instance, black teenagers are often more likely to get arrested and have their case processed in court than their whilte peers. Inequality within the juvenile justice system still exists. What is more, it is a huge problem. Schools often play its role when it comes to inequality within the juvenile justice system. Here’s why. 

  1. What is a juvenile justice system?

A juvenile justice system is the system with the help of which the crimes of young criminals are processed. There are different jurisdictions within the system: federal, state, local and territorial. Speaking about the criminal responsibility which young people can face for their criminal offense, they are as follows: probation, youth court, alternative schooling, community service or youth incarceration. 

  1. In what way do schools contribute to sustaining juvenile justice system inequality? 

There are two ways in which schools contribute to spreading this problem. The first one is individual when black students get a detention or any other form of reprimand while white students walk away freely even though both took part in an incident. It typically happens when a teacher has a bias towards people of certain race or ethnicity. This phenomemon is called micro-level processes. There are also macro-level processes when students in predominantly black districts are suspended or disciplined more often than students in predominantly white districts. Unfortunately, it becomes a norm and contributes to further inequality within the juvenile justice system. Even though this problem has been properly researched and often becomes a subject of a juvenile justice argumentative essay, it does not mean that a working solution is underway. No matter how common the task of writing an essay on juvenile justice is, nothing will change unless there is real action on a governmental level. 

  1. What are the most realistic solutions? 

In case you have already researched this issue or have been given the task of writing a juvenile justice essay, you are aware of the fact that certain policies can help change the current situation. One of the most effective tactics is to reduce the number of misbehaving teens by resolving conflicts in school and making certain students feel a connection to the school community. In other words, it is important to make certain every single student feels like they belong no matter what educational institution they attend. If you have been given the task of writing a juvenile justice argumentative essay, these are the issues you should dwell upon in your essay on juvenile justice. Another aspect to mention in your juvenile justice essay is the implementation of a multi-tiered and team-based intervention framework called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. This program has proven to be particularly effective in elementary and middle schools, and it has been possible to reduce disciplinary suspensions and referrals. 

Speaking about the importance of researching the issue of inequality within the juvenile justice system, this aspect has also proven to be rather successful as lots of useful ideas on how to solve this problem are constantly introduced. When you get the task of writing a juvenile justice essay, choosing this topic will help you learn more about the problem. Perhaps, you will be the one to introduce a brilliant solution in your juvenile justice argumentative essay. Actually, it is another reason why researching such burning issues in an essay on juvenile justice is so important. We never know who will be the next one to introduce a breakthrough idea on how to improve the juvenile justice system in the United States of America. So, you should not get discouraged when you get such complex assignment as writing a juvenile justice argumentative essay. Instead, view this assignment as an opportunity to do something good for the society as well as try to do your best in order to introduce new ways to combat the issue of inequality within the juvenile justice system. In addition to that, try to come up with a different approach to addressing the issue in question or at least take a look at the problem from a different angle. There is a very high chance you will see unexpected results that will help you figure out an unconventional way of diminishing the contribution which schools make in sustaining juvenile justice system inequality. 

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