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The significance of business digitization – Eric J Dalius mentions three scopes to consider

The significance of business digitization – Eric J Dalius mentions three scopes to consider

Its, 2020 and today the digital technologies have walked into lives, in minute ways. It has changed and still changing the ways we seek and get data. Today, customers search for services and products on search engines, instead of offline media or yellow page directories. Business firms and organizations speak with their people using social media, chat messengers, email, and other online tools. Simply put, the media that we are using, the consumers we are engaging with, the content that we are reading, and sharing – all benefits the process of digitization and digitized information.

Three digitization scopes

The digitization process in business helps to speed up processes and free up several manual methods of working. Eric J Dalius, a marketing professional mentions three opportunities to look out for:

  • Converting the excel sheets to dashboards

In several organizations, there’s an opportunity gap existing between the company growth on the staff and revenue basis. And this section of the organization requires to concentrate on enhancing scalability and automation for improving the assistance for the remaining part of the company. There are companies that add data to excel sheets. For instance, when you track a project that’s in progress, savings, contacts you check various excel sheets. Here the same data gets added several times. Transforming the dashboards can assist you in viewing and assess the overall data in a single place.

Other than consolidated views, dashboards offer the scope for business intelligence by enabling users to showcase only what is needed using multiple filters. The moment you start adding the perspectives and suggested actions in addition to the summary, your dashboard can be of more use by sealing all communication gaps between multiple departments. It helps you to save time, generate business goals, and offer clear communications.

  • The document managing systems

The emergence of business digitization has opened new channels for data,which makes the management process complex. EJ Dalius says that conventional paper and file processes are obsolete. The document management systems today have proved to be of good use. Since business digitization is the leading trend now, the companies are searching for methods for streamlining documentation by making use of various automation processes. The increase in the cloud-based document management systems added more ease and simplicity to sharing and creating online documents.  

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is a prominent business digitization technology! This OCR software can automatically extract data from a scanned document and image file, which helps businesses make the functions seamless. It minimizes the time that manual data extraction and entry needs. 

A precise and sturdy OCR technology can draw in data from various document formats. You can save the time needed for data collection. It also brings down the human efforts and syncs in the customer requirements with business processes. The business houses and companies that have made use of AI-enabled OCR technology will keep thriving in an era of constant digital waves and changes, without having to halt their operations for upgrades. 

The business sphere is dynamic and competitive. It needs fast digitization of business processes to yield positive results.The three scopes mentioned above can help in leveraging online technologies.


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