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The Simple Pleasures of Cozying up

The Simple Pleasures of Cozying up

As we continue to ride out the storm known as Covid-19, there is an uncertainty of how long before we get back to the hustle and bustle of intense work schedules, play dates for kids, outings with the family, get togethers with friends and social gatherings with your pet pals.

For now we have been given permission to sleep more, binge watch your favorite TV shows, read a good book, and indulge in the guilty pleasure of comfort food!

Embrace this opportunity, as we spend extra time inside. Enjoy a few hours everyday to reconnect with yourself without pressure; create a cozy space in your home that is warm and welcoming. Let it bring a positive energy and joy, while you indulge in small pleasures, for it is a luxury just to be.

Lounge out on your favorite sofa. Curl up and take a nap on your favorite chair.

Read to your fur babies.

Soon we will be out of isolation and back to a new normal. 

Hugs to all the fur babies and their parents. Enjoy your week and each other. Prayers of safety and wellness to you all.

Fung Shui Pet

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