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The Taste Of Wealth: Tips on Buying Prime Russian Caviar For Sale

The Taste Of Wealth: Tips on Buying Prime Russian Caviar For Sale

You could get a taste of how the wealthy eat and invest in some prime Russian caviar for sale.

Caviar is considered to be a delicacy that can be served in more ways than one. For instance, Russians love to serve caviar on dark rye bread with butter. You don’t have to serve it this way, but Russians do know best what to do with it.

What makes caviar so difficult to obtain, is the fact that it is extremely expensive. This means there would have to be a demand for caviar in order for a store to stock their shelves with it. The price tag for caviar varies as it depends on the type of caviar and the person selling it.

You need to be wary of the seller especially when it’s your first time buying caviar. This is because sellers use many tactics to deceive you for more money.

To ensure you don’t get ripped off, you should equip yourself with some tips before buying Russian caviar for sale.

Finding the Freshest Russian Caviar for Sale

  • How to Buy it

Russian caviar for sale is sold differently depending on the type of caviar it is. For instance, red caviar you can find being sold by the pound. This is the caviar you’ll see in a sealed glass jar or a tin can.

Since you have two types of caviar to choose from, red or black, the instructions for buying it varies. If you want the freshest red caviar possible, you want to buy it by the pound. Red caviar that is sold in a tin can contains loads of preservatives and salts, which are the two ingredients that can dampen the quality of the Russian caviar for sale.

If your only two choices are buying red caviar from a tin can or a glass jar, always stick to the glass jar.

At least with a glass jar, you can take a peek at the caviar before you buy it. Also, a producer could deceive you when the caviar comes in a tin can because he or she can physically increase the can’s weight by changing its overall metallic structure.

Buying black caviar is a whole other ball game because you need to be meticulous about it. For instance, people don’t come across black caviar as red because it is special to Russia and it costs a fortune.

Finding black caviar by the pound will be difficult, so tin cans and glass jars are your best bet.

Trying to find caviar straight from Russia from an online source can be challenging because you can’t double check the information the producer finds online. This online vendor provides over forty red and black caviar options that come by the pound and in glass jars.

  • Date of Expiration

All produce has an expiration date, so why should caviar be any different? Russian caviar for sale will always have two pieces of information on its label, and that would be its production as well as its packaging date.

As a general rule of thumb, the time frame between the production and packaging date should not surpass six months.

Another fact to keep in mind that from July to September, it is the season in which salmon begin to deposit their eggs. So, you should see fresh red caviar available for sale at the start of October.

  • Average Cost

In Russia, you’ll find that the average price of red caviar rests around 250 rubles per one hundred grams, which is the equivalent of $3.80.

When you move up to black caviar, you’ll notice a major change in the price tag. On average, black caviar costs 4,000 rubles per one hundred grams, which translates to $60.

Finding the best Russian caviar for sale that will cater to your taste buds can be an overwhelming task because of the wide range of options present combined with the fact that caviar can be a massive dent in your wallet.

When you dedicate yourself to trying top tier caviar, you should prepare yourself for the expense that you’re about to make. Many online vendors sell Russian caviar by the gram, which can be a more affordable route to take than by purchasing the caviar by the pound.


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