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The Tech that Allowed the Web to go Mobile

The Tech that Allowed the Web to go Mobile

The internet and the manner in which it is accessed, used and how websites and applications are designed and made has been an ongoing process from their inception. It is thus important to understand the tech that drives the World-Wide-Web, if we are to make inroads on the internet and use it to the most of its capabilities. There are various technologies and techniques that have allowed the web to go mobile and these are discussed below.

Mobile Technology

The mobile phone and other mobile connected devices have changed the manner in which the web works and can be used forever. Size does indeed matter, and we all want a device that fits in a pocket or hand and yet with the capabilities of a supercomputer as most modern smart phones have become.

The predominant technology that has allowed for this is the tiny semiconductor. Being able to fit numerous integrated circuits on smaller spaces have improved the computing abilities of these devices. In the same vein essential ceramic capacitors have also got smaller and smaller, allowing for more electronics to be squeezed into the smallest of spaces.

The techniques such as surface mounting to save space and minimize components has furthermore facilitated and driven this move to mobile.

With more people now accessing the internet via a mobile device such as those aforementioned, it was clear that the web design and development sector would also go through some dramatic changes.

Designing for Mobile

Gone are the days when designing a website for mobile was optional. In a time where smartphone use has skyrocketed if your website is not designed for mobile format, you will have missed a trick. Not only will you serve to drive customers and clients away from your brand and site, but this will affect your search engine rankings, and this can be long lasting damage.

You can test the mobile friendliness of your site on google and it is worth doing if you are unsure, but anyone worth their salt in the web design and development industry must have mobile at the forefront of their minds.

There are a few things to keep in mind about the move to mobile

  • The website must be responsive, able to adapt to the platform or device that it is being viewed on.
  • Remove and disable popups and text blocking advertisements. These may work on the laptop screen, but on mobile its more difficult to move them out the way and if a user4s struggles to read text, then they may look for the information elsewhere.
  • Keep the design clean and simple.

The internet has found a new home and that is on our smart phones and mobile devices. No longer do we need to wait for it to load and spend huge amounts on internet downloads. Internet access is immediate, ongoing and personalized, it is a trend that will continue and as the tech improves so to must the manner in which we design and develop the websites of the future.


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