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‘The Three Chairs: How Great Leaders Drive Communication, Performance, and Engagement’

‘The Three Chairs: How Great Leaders Drive Communication, Performance, and Engagement’

Dr. Karyn Gordon’s new book “The Three Chairs How Great Leaders Drive Communication, Performance, and Engagement” is proving to be a book that helps in business as much as personal lives.

The book is the breakthrough leadership book for the 21st century that showcases the three attitudes – insecure, confident, arrogant – and how it impacts all parts of our lives – relationships, wellness, communication, leadership at work and home.

We sat down with Dr Gordon for a q & a:

Please explain why the three chairs are important to those who are in business as much as those just looking for advice?

I think that’s one of the beautiful things about this book. It’s very versatile.

Although I created it for organization, the origin of the three chairs actually came from families. It’s very versatile and really for every age group. I’ve taught that concept to kindergarten kids all the way to business owners. If you think about the three chairs or the three different attitudes that people actually have, the left chair is that insecure person that kind of puts himself down. The right chair is the arrogant person that kind of puts everybody else down. And then the middle chair is that competent person that has a good sense of who they are, and their sense of values, but also the sense of humility.

So it really does apply to all ages?

When I teach this concept to kids to high school students to people in college it is really interesting on how they can kind of very quickly see themselves with those chairs and then how that it translates to different decisions in their life.

The first step is I try to explain what the three chairs are three different ad attitudes. The first step is really getting people to identify which chair they see themselves sitting in the majority of the time; and just having a bit of self awareness is super helpful for people because they can kind of connect to that particular mindset of that person in that chair. Then the second step is what do you need to do practically speaking, to help yourself move into the middle chair. The book gives a ton of different examples on how to do it both at a at a personal level, but also at a business level.

For more insight and information by the book that is on sale on Amazon here.

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