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The Top 4 Features to Include in a Basement Guest Suite

The Top 4 Features to Include in a Basement Guest Suite

You love having family come to visit, but it would be nice if they had a place to sleep other than the den sofa. Adding on to the home is one solution, but the expense is prohibitive. Another approach is to convert space that is already part of the home. With the help of the right contractor, you can renovate the basement and have a terrific guest suite. Along with finishing the walls and settling on a choice for flooring, here are four essentials that will make the space truly comfortable.

Closet Space

Loved ones who will be visiting for a week or so should not have to live out of a suitcase. As you talk with the suit layout with the contractor, make sure closet space is part of the plan. The closet should be large enough to hang several articles of clothing, provide storage space for shoes, and maybe even include space overhead to tuck away folded items like sweaters. The right closet design will also mean you will need less furniture for storage in other areas of the suite.

Sufficient Lighting

Those small windows near the basement ceiling do let in some light, but not enough. Make sure the overhead lighting is enough to keep the place feeling cozy at any time. Remember to have outlets strategically placed around the renovated Brampton basement so there’s always one handy to plug in lamps for accent lighting.

A Kitchenette

While all the meals will take place upstairs, why not have a small kitchenette included in the suite design? Keep it simple with an under the counter refrigerator, a two-burner stove, and enough cabinet space to tuck away plates, flatware, cooking utensils, and a little food. On those days when your guests would like to sleep in, they can prepare a simple meal without having to come upstairs. That kitchenette will also come in handy if they want a midnight snack but would rather not disturb their hosts.

A Full Bath

Even if you don’t think a kitchenette is needed, do include a full bath in the space. This will make it all the easier for everyone to enjoy a shower without having to wait in line upstairs. A Newmarket basement contractor can help you choose a simple shower stall, a lavatory, and a toilet that is space and energy efficient. You can also ask the contractor about installing an exhaust fan that helps to keep the space smelling nice.

Remember there are many ways to make a basement into a comfortable and cozy place for guests to sleep. Call a contractor today and find out what sort of preparations are needed and what layouts would work best in the space. Once you have a plan, it will be easy to stand back and watch as the contractor converts the unused space into a haven that all of your guests will love.



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