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The Top 5 Highest Paid MMA Fighters of All Time

The Top 5 Highest Paid MMA Fighters of All Time

Over the years, the demand for entertainment has risen. Ever since the time of the gladiators in ancient Rome to the jousting in the medieval era, people have loved to see two opposing forces fighting. This form of entertainment has taken the name of Mixed Martial Arts in the modern world and has become a huge deal. People from all over the world come to see their favorite fighter fight until they fall. MMA promoting organizations such as UFC or Bellator have produced one of the finest talents that are worth millions of dollars in the market.

These champions now only earn a huge amount but also put their life on the line whenever they go out in battle. These players have trained for years and built their bodies as tough as the legendary Spartans once did. The industry is growing exponentially now that the internet has taken over. Millions of people tune in online to witness the fights by these individuals live from the ring.

Only a handful of fighters possess the talent to have become the highest-paid fighters in history. With every pay-per-view more expensive than the last, the demand for extravagance and over-the-top ringside is rising, and people want to see fights worth the bucks they pay. Even then, these fighters know how to create a hype and do justice to it. Here are the top 5 highest paid MMA fighters who know how to put on a show.

Top 5 Highest Paid MMA Fighters

Conor McGregor

This Irish-blood fighter has taken hold of the ring and has created a fan-base that is probably one of the largest in the world. The fighter is not only tough to beat but also has an attitude problem which involves him in more fights than he can bargain for. Still, he has become of the biggest stars in the fighting sport and also earns around $9,542,000 per fight.

Why is that? Well, he is one of the only stars to have earned multiple belts in multiple divisions in one single go. His most famous fight was recent with KhabibNurmagomedov, which became one of the highest viewed pay-per-view matches in the world with a record 2.4 million pay-per-view purchases. With his fight with Khabib, Conor made a total of $3.2 million with a $30,000 pay per week based on incentives.

Michael Bisping

He is nicknamed as “The Count.” Michael Bisping earned around $7,135,000 per fight and was the former UFC middleweight champion. Adding to that, Michael was also the Cage Rage lightweight champion and is again one of the toughest fighters in the market right now. Michael is most probably known for his trash-talking, which has angered many other fighters to challenge him to a duel. 

Adding to his fighting career, he is also an actor and also works as a FOX UFC studio analyst. In a way, Michael is leading two lives and earning enough to live a life of luxury.

Georges St-Pierre

Georges fighting style has earned him the nickname of “Rush.” His is known for his quick punches and has a mean right hook. He has worked with the UFC and had only 2 defeats to his name, which made him a great contender for the championship. He then faced Michael Bisping in the ring, and after a few hours of an amazing fight, he was able to defeat him in the UFC 2017 main event. Georges earns $7,037,000 and has put his life on the line in the Octagon several times. He is both lucky and a skilled fighter to face off in the ring. 

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva has one of the unique fighting styles ever. His strikes have been unmatched and have also subdued many fighters. He has held the nickname of “The Spider” for over 20 years and is a Brazilian mixed martial artist. He has spent several years in the field and is now a veteran of the sport.

Nowadays, the star spends his time promoting the MMA with a lot of respect from the industry and his fans. He is also known for successfully defending his titles in many matches against revered opponents. He earned around $6,822,000, which makes him the 4th highest paid fighter in the MMA.

Alistair Overeem

He is a Dutch fighter and a skilled one at that. He is also a very decorated fighter with a former Strikeforce championship in his resume, followed by being a K-1 Grand Prix championship. He is also one of the only two people who have held the championship titles in the MMA and Kickboxing categories. He is paid a total of $6,119,500, which makes him the 5th highest paid warrior of the MMA discipline.

The new project fight to fame will change things for all these fighters. Each of them is looking to put on a show for their followers and also earn big bucks in the industry. However, the MMA is a sport where great fighters rise and fall almost in an instant so it could happen to any one of them too. 


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