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The Top 8 Best Men’s Wedding Rings for 2020

The Top 8 Best Men’s Wedding Rings for 2020

Traditional men’s wedding rings are often pretty plain. The groom’s ring is usually a simple, thick band made of a single material. While this classic look is perfect for some men, more intricate and interesting men’s wedding bands are becoming the norm.

If you’re looking for a wedding band that’s a little, or a lot, different from the traditional wedding ring, check out these trendy new styles.

1. Rose Gold

Rose gold doesn’t seem like the top choice for a men’s wedding ring, but this gorgeous hue is finding its way onto many men’s fingers.

Rose gold has a slightly pink tinge to it, which makes the color warmer than a traditional gold band. But it’s not pink enough to look out of place on any man’s hand. This warmer version of its yellow counterpart is an interesting and unique choice for those who want to avoid yellow or white gold.

If you still like simple, you can opt for a solid band of rose gold. If you’re looking for some more intricate, try adding an engraving or a row of small diamonds.

2. Rose Gold Interior 

For those who like the look of rose gold, but don’t want to commit to this different hue for their entire band, getting a ring with a rose gold interior is a great choice. Opt for a band made of either white gold, black tungsten, or platinum, and then have the jeweler layer rose gold on the inside.

This creates a cool two-tone effect that can be entirely hidden when the ring is on your finger. Or, the rose gold layer can wrap around the edges of the band. This creates a thin, visible edge of rose gold on the outside of the wedding ring.

Adding a rose gold interior to your wedding band is a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise traditional wedding band.

3. Sanded Textures 

In previous years, the big trend in men’s wedding bands was a hammered texture. For 2020, the new big thing is rings with a sanded texture. 

The sanded texture is more subtle than the hammered texture. It gives the wedding band a rugged-looking texture without looking as geometric as the hammered texture. 

The result is a simple, solid wedding band that’s just one step left of traditional.

4. Nature Inspired Engravings 

Engravings have always been a way to make wedding bands unique and show off your personality. Many people opt for engravings inside the band – like a favorite quote or their wedding date. Others have intricate patterns like Celtic knots engraved on the outside of the band.

The hot new trend in 2020 will be simplistic, nature-inspired engravings on the exterior of the band. Some interesting choices could be adding a few blades of grass or a simple outline of a mountain, or the veins of a leaf. 

These nature-inspired designs aren’t complex. They’re little more than lines that suggest a shape found in the great outdoors. 

This trend is an awesome way for outdoorsy grooms to express their personalities via their wedding rings. 

5. Black Gold Plating

Black wedding bands have been on trend for men for the past several years. Most men who want black bands opt for tungsten, carbon fiber, or titanium. Another material option for a black band is black gold. But a solid black gold ring can literally break the bank.

If you love the look of black gold, but you can’t afford the price tag, consider getting a wedding band that’s plated in black gold. The material underneath the black gold plating can be something cheaper, like stainless steel. The black gold plating will cover the base material and give the impression of being a solid black gold band. 

Black gold has a unique look that sets it apart from other materials used for black wedding bands. So, if you’re in love with this unique look, a black gold plated ring may be the perfect choice for you.

6. Silver and Gold

Traditional wedding bands are almost always a single color because they’re made from a single material. If you’re looking for a way to add some depth and contrast to your wedding band, creating a silver and gold band is a great idea.

You could keep the design simple and have a single slice of silver inside a gold ring, or vice versa. Or you could get intricate and create a design from one metal that gets overlaid onto the other metal. For example, you could have a Celtic knot design in silver overlaid onto a gold band.

Creating a band with two contrasting materials like silver and gold gives your ring a striking look. And if you choose to have a design overlaid, this can be an artistic alternative to engraving a design on a simple metal band.

7. Vibrant Colors 

Wedding bands are usually one of a few basic colors – yellow gold, silver, white gold, black, or gray. They don’t typically incorporate any vibrant colors. 

But in 2020, vibrant men’s wedding bands will be all the rage. Wondering how you can incorporate some color into your wedding band? You could go all out and get a band of solid blue gold. Or you could add a pop of color to a more traditionally colored band.

Start with a black or white gold band, then add some geometric inlays of a vibrantly colored metal. Or, adding a simple band of colored metal to the center of a black or silver band.

No matter how you incorporate the color, it will create a one of a kind ring that always catches the eye.

8. Gemstones

When you think of gemstones on a wedding band, you probably think of diamonds. Men’s wedding bands often incorporate a single diamond or a row of diamonds across the front of the band.

But diamonds aren’t the only gemstones that can add some sparkle to a men’s wedding ring. In 2020, the trend will be to add colored gemstones to men’s wedding bands. 

For a subtle pop of color, add sapphires or peridot. For a bolder look, add rubies, emeralds, or amethyst. Check out these mens platinum wedding bands for some inspiration.

Unique Men’s Wedding Rings 

If the idea of wearing a traditional, simple wedding band for the rest of your life bores you to tears, then you should definitely look into these unique options for men’s wedding rings. Your wife to be’s wedding band isn’t the only one that gets to sparkle and shine. 

For more tips about getting everything you need for your wedding, check out the Shopping section of our site.

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