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The Top Reasons Why Modular Construction is Better than Traditional Building and Construction

The Top Reasons Why Modular Construction is Better than Traditional Building and Construction

Modular construction has taken the construction industry by storm, and there are many good reasons why. With modular construction, businesses can save time, effort, money, and resources, and benefit from a safer way of constructing various building elements and extensions. But what exactly is modular construction, and what makes it different from traditional building and construction? More importantly, how can it be fully utilised and optimised in the sector? If you are planning construction and building work or are in the first stages of planning a building and construction project, it may do you well to consider modular construction. Here are the top reasons why modular construction is better than traditional building and construction.

What it is

Modular construction, in its essence, is simply the use of pre-engineered or pre-fabricated modules or units which are then installed on a construction or building site as a fitted as well as fully-serviced ‘block’ or unit. More clients are going for modular construction because it allows them to take advantage of a faster speed in construction as well as better quality. It also provides for enhanced economy of scale and a safer construction and building site overall.

Lightweight steel framing is essential in modular construction since it is not only light but also strong and durable. The proper framing also allows for better and more enhanced accuracy when it comes to the units which are built, and it allows for modular construction and structures to be used in a wide variety and range of applications. Modular construction in the UK today follows the highest British Standards and other guides for design.

Where and how it is utilized

It may not be surprising that modular construction has been widely used in Scandinavia for many years; the Scandinavian countries, after all, are known for their innovative approach to traditional building and design. But modular construction is also now being optimised in many other countries around the globe, and this includes Japan and the United States. In these countries, modular buildings are not only used as stand-alone units; they are also utilised as building extensions (where they are attached to the sides of existing structures) or as roof-top units.

The different reasons why modular construction is better than traditional construction

  • Modular construction offers decreased costs of construction, particularly when you combine it with a production-based economy of scale. In fact, it can reduce the costs of construction by as much as 10%
  • Modular construction offers a decrease in time of construction on-site by as much as 50 to 60%s
  • Modular construction can increase productivity on site by as much as 50%, since most of the activity is done off-site, hence decreasing disruption on-site
  • Modular construction offers better certainty in regards to the completion of a project on time – and on budget as well
  • Modular construction provides better use of materials (and less wastage), not only on-site but also in the manufacturing stage
  • Modular construction offers better quality and reliability, as everything is done according to set standards and quality control procedures

Modular construction has been used in the hospitality industry (in the development of travel lodges and inns), and it has also been used for residential buildings, hospitals, and retail buildings and structures. In many parts of the UK, modular classrooms are continuously being built, and modular structures are also used now as accommodation for students.

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