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The Top Specifications You Should Follow When Building MUGA Fencing

The Top Specifications You Should Follow When Building MUGA Fencing

You may have already heard of MUGA fencing and the many benefits it brings. Without a doubt, it is fencing made for various uses, and you can use it for an array of sports – not just the usual football, but other sports such as basketball, netball, hockey, tennis, and more. It has quickly taken over different types of fencing used in sports facilities, schools, and training grounds, and no one can deny that it doesn’t just allow for multiple uses (as its name implies). It is built to enhance security and safety and even contribute to the quality of the games because there are no distractions or ‘time outs’ as the ball no longer strays (too far, at least). But when you are planning to build one for your own sports complex or facility, it pays to do it as efficiently as possible. We all know that fencing can be quite expensive, so here are the top specifications you should follow when building MUGA fencing.

  1. The planning permission/approval

Replacement or new sports ground fencing frequently doesn’t require planning permission as it is already covered under Permitted Development. But it will also depend on the scale, location, and nature of the work to be done. So it is worth talking to or consulting with your local authorities concerning planning. You can also check out Sports England’s handbook called ‘Making a planning application: a guide for sports clubs’ to better understand what is required.

  1. The gates

Another specification you need to consider is the gates. The gates, just like the fencing, should be made with external hinges and frameworks and should be accompanied by low-profile fasteners and clamping bars so the players will not likely be injured if they come into contact with the fence’s gates whilst playing. As an additional measure, keep the gaps between the framework and the gate to a minimum. Also, gates should provide a security level that is as good as adjacent fences whilst still opening in an outwards, not inwards, manner.

  1. The necessity of having the proper installation

As, premier fencing contractors, know very well, a fence is as good as the way it is installed. When fencing is inadequately installed, it will not be as robust and will likely require maintenance and repair at an earlier time than is necessary. The worst-case scenario is that the fencing could injure spectators and players, as is the case with incorrectly installed fasteners.

The installation of fencing requires skill and know-how. Unfortunately, some contractors hire unprofessional and unskilled labourers on a per-project basis instead of retaining a team of skilled workers, as RTC Fencing states, and for a look at their work, check out the website. When choosing a contractor, go for one with an ISO 9001:2000 accreditation, and look for someone accredited with the Contractors Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS) or any other authorised body.

  1. Considerations with maintenance

You must also consider the costs, especially when it comes to maintenance. You don’t have to spend much on maintenance when your fencing has the correct specifications and is installed according to these specifications. Here’s one more tip: avoid using rolled chain link fences, as this may likely require periodic repair and re-tensioning.




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