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The Top Ten Casino Movies to Inspire Gamers

The Top Ten Casino Movies to Inspire Gamers

Casinos are one of the more interesting parts of human life, as they combine the potential for some serious financial gain with limited risk, even as they show the danger in falling from hubris, all under the brightest lights and best floor shows on the planet. There are a number of movies that show the life cycle of those who visit them the most.

“Swingers”shows the beginning of the life cycle, as a group of bachelors base their lives on the glitz and risks of the casino, developing their own culture. That cycle comes to an end in “Leaving Las Vegas”, as a gambler tries to use a dancer to keep him from one last drink. With their ability to create wealth and hide where it comes from it is hardly a surprise that organized crime is part of the casino background.

The default classic is “Casino”, where the gambling at the tables is nothing compared to the gambles in love and career that happen in the highest offices. For those more interested in the history of Vegas, “Bugsy” scratches a lot of itches in that regard as it covers the history of Las Vegas and why someone thought a city in the desert would make a great idea.

Of course, the casino owners do strike back every so often. “The Cooler” is all about how some owners use people who have an uncanny ability to cool down the luck of the others and stop them cold. Sometimes their work takes its own toll, creating some truly depressing people. The owners get some measure of revenge in “21”, where some college students use number counting to make a killing in blackjack; the casino understandably hates to lose.

Casinos and weddings

Weddings are an interesting aspect of the casino experience; there is an interesting statement to made that they are the ultimate high-risk gamble. It works that they are the settings of so many bachelor parties in the movies.

“The Hangover” is perhaps the best known of the lot, as a group of bachelors must figure out what they did during the night before.

“Very Bad Things” is perhaps the best of the worst bachelor parties, as the bachelors must figure out how to deal with a blackmailer when the entertainment is killed. Of course, sometimes the trip to the altar can get strange, as “Honeymoon in Vegas”shows us. The inclusion of so many Elvises just adds to the fun.

Casinos are definitely familiar to James Bond, who seems to encounter his enemies for the first time in a casino. “Casino Royale” takes that to its obvious conclusion, as Bond uses a high stakes contest as the cover for his first mission.

Casino moviesare most likely to continue, as they combine the fantasy of quick riches, the coolness of Vegas, and the always interesting organized crime into a single experience that everyone seems to like. For those interested in their own casino adventure, Caesars Games offers a wide range of casino games so you can act like a high roller.

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