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The Top Trends in Indian Wedding Dresses for the Bride

The Top Trends in Indian Wedding Dresses for the Bride

An Indian is more than just the changing of vows between two lovebirds who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Yes, this is the main purpose of the wedding, and the very core of it, but there is always more to a typical Indian wedding ceremony. It is a display of traditions and practices that have been around for centuries, and it is also a time for everyone to have a feel of the kind of beauty that resides deep within the Indian wedding cultures. Central to any of such weddings is the bride her wedding dress.

It is her day and no stone will be left unturned in ensuring that she looks at her absolute best on one of the most important days of her life. It is always fascinating, but also mesmerizing, to see the details that go into planning an Indian wedding, and more so the kind of opulence and luxury usually directed at the bride and her gown.

Though we can’t just exhaust every aspect of the wedding in one read, here is a brief look at some of the top trends in wedding dresses you are most likely to see during most weddings in India-:



Gone are the days when the Indian bride wanted to be limited to colors such as maroon, magenta, pink, and red for wedding dress colors. Even the royal color of purple is no longer considered unique by many Indian brides, and as such, these colors rarely feature in most Indian wedding dresses or even on the wedding themes.

Over the past few years, it has been observed that most Indian brides are opting for lighter pastels for their wedding dresses. They have decided to break the customs without any qualms and they feel more comfortable in these trendy colors than what has always been in their traditions. Some of the pastels shades you are likely to see in most Indian wedding dresses include turquoise, peach, mint green, sunset yellow, beige and lavender amongst others.

Adoption of theme weddings


Ever since theme weddings became one of the popular ways to organize weddings, most Indian brides want to have the theme well elaborated in their bodies, and this is primarily on their wedding dresses. One of the common themes most brides like adopting in India is the Disney princess dresses. It is as if they fancy the idea of meeting a real-life prince while they are dressed like real life princess just as they had envisioned and dreamt about when they were young. If you take a keen look at most Indian themed weddings, you will notice the strong presence of the Belle and Cinderella signature dresses on the gowns as well as similar features on the cakes.

Beach wedding dresses


India is blessed with wonderful beaches, and it is always the desire of many couples to exchange their vows in such places with nature’s bountiful presence. As such, beach weddings are a common phenomenon in India, though not as old as other types of traditional weddings. It has mostly been influenced by the western cultures and practices, but still, Indians are able to put up completely different and authentic celebrations for their beach weddings.

Since the bulk of the practice is borrowed from the west, the wedding dresses for beach weddings are the typical wedding dresses you would see in most church weddings in the west. They are designed to allow for the weather considerations on the beach, with most of them being short and nearly petite to provide the bride with the most amazing looks.

Grown-up bridal Kurtis


Kurtis has been traditional attire in India for many years and Indians are not just about to give it up for any kind of western dressing. They are known to be very versatile and ideal for almost any kind of event, be it for casual wears, dinners, festivals etc. As far as weddings are concerned, there is a wide range of bridal kurtis Indian brides can use to conform to their traditions, while at the same time looking beautiful and elegant.

With kurtis, Indian brides have the versatility to remain traditional, while also tapping into the western cultures to make the weddings even more interesting. You can check out Stylecaret for a humungous collection of kurtis if you desire to consider them for your wedding.

Metallic shades on gowns


There is also a conspicuous rise of the use of metallic shades in most of the Indian wedding gowns. Gone are the days when the bridal dresses featured bronze, gold, grey and silver colors. With wedding gowns, it must be understood that what will make them stand out the most is the texture and the fabric of the dress. This is why most brides are attempting to incorporate various metallic shades on their gowns, but for you to have good results with the shades, you must be very bold and have a good understanding of how to strike a good balance between the fabric and the texture by using metallic shades.

Princes Tail Gowns                                              

This is another trend taking the Indian wedding industry by storm. Most brides find it cool to have gowns that sweep the beautifully decorated staircases or isles as they move towards the love of their lives. Princess tail gowns are a depiction of most of the bride’s dreams when they were young and dreamt of getting married to a prince. Apparently, every lady desires to have a dream wedding, and so it is easy to understand why this is a trend so hot for the Indian wedding.

Layered Gowns                                               

It is now common to find brides adding a lot of layers to their Lehenga. Using layers, especially with most of the traditional wedding gowns, help the brides to flaunt the silhouettes like queens, and also helps them keep a touch with their traditions without losing touch with the present times. Additionally, layers are adored by brides who may not be in the perfect body shapes they wanted for their weddings, hence, use the layers as a concealment for their big tummies, or thin legs. Layered gowns thus bring a lot of versatilities to the brides and it is easy to understand how it is a trend.

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