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The Top Ways Through which You can Enhance Your Business Premises’ Security

The Top Ways Through which You can Enhance Your Business Premises’ Security

There’s no denying that any business establishment or commercial property is vulnerable nowadays; we are all highly concerned about security, and rightly so. You probably have a good number of assets in your property, and you have your employees who are intangible assets as well – even more so. This is why having tried and tested security measures is always a good investment, and with this investment, you can ensure that your people and property are safe and secure and you don’t have to be constantly worried about their protection. But there are different things you can do to enhance security in your property, so which methods work best? Here’s a look at the top ways through which you can enhance your business premises’ security.

  1. Pay attention to your perimeter

The perimeter of your property is particularly vulnerable – it is, after all, where everyone may be entering and exiting. That being said, pay attention to the perimeter. All your windows, doors, gates and points of access should be properly secured with alarms, security gates, bars, or security personnel when necessary. If you have entrances or access points in your property that are not often used, make sure to secure these with the right sensors which you can connect to your property’s alarm system. Fire exits, in particular, could very well attract intruders and burglars, so make sure they are also secure. 

2. Take advantage of a CCTV system 

CCTV systems have proven their worth for businesses and commercial properties, and if you would like to know what’s going on in your property at all times, then you could well benefit from a CCTV system. This is especially true if your premises are big – cover as much of it as you can. But here’s another aspect which is often overlooked but which could prove vital – make sure you have enough digital storage to cover your footage in case anything untoward occurs so you can play back the footage when needed. 

If you want an advanced system, go for a wireless one which would include sensors at the entrances, alarm sirens, and motion detectors. Many wired systems are difficult to install especially if you have a big-sized property, so it’s better to go for a wireless one so installation is easier and you can have a more flexible and scalable system, as confirmed by experienced Oxford security services like Securipol. 

3. Connect your system to armed response services 

Even if you have the most sophisticated alarm system, it won’t do much good if no one will respond to it when it gives off an alarm. This is also why you should make it a point to connect your system to armed response services so the service can respond to an alarm with the necessary force and expertise to enhance your protection. Many companies that offer these services also offer security guards or personnel, so you may want to take advantage of this, too.

You should also take note of your access control system – if you can, try to upgrade it so you can benefit from anything from key cards to face recognition systems to biometrics, depending on your budget. With this, you can make sure that only those who are authorised can enter, and you can monitor visitors thoroughly as well. 

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