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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Higher Rankings in the Search Engines

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Higher Rankings in the Search Engines

Are you setting up a new ecommerce store or hoping to improve the SEO on your existing Shopify website? 

Whatever your situation, it’s important to select the correct platform (hint, Shopify is awesome for *most* online stores) and to optimise it correctly for the search engines.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect ecommerce platform for SEO. 

You’re making a calculated trade-off between ease of use, out-of-the-box ecommerce functionality, design, user experience and SEO features.  

Shopify offers a wealth of SEO features which require minimal technical knowledge, making it easy for newer, beginner, or smaller website owners to get started. You can edit the title tags, metadata, image file and alt tags and so on. 

But, it isn’t perfect — you can’t edit the sitemap or the robots.txt file and there are limitations to how you can customise the URLs.  

However, luckily for Shopify store owners, most of the common Shopify SEO issues come with an easy, non-technical workaround and when optimised correctly (with a clear SEO strategy), the platform can be excellent for SEO. 

In this infographic below and our in-depth guide to Shopify SEO, we’ll take you step-by-step through the common SEO issues and their fixes, as well as nine powerful Shopify SEO tips, which you can apply immediately (and easily) to see rapid improvements in your search rankings.


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