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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Hot Rollers

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Hot Rollers

Are you prepared to boost your appearance by creating nice loose waves? Then it’s time to choose the right hot rollers — a must-have tool for every lady. Let’s find out what the best hot rollers for fine hair, thin and straight, look like. We’ll look over hair rollers for other hair types too. 

Choosing the Right Size

Firstly, decide what type of curls you want to create. Then, consider the length of your hair. Now the magic starts. 

Bigger rollers make more natural curls. They are also perfect for boosting the volume at the roots. Smaller rollers make curls tighter and more random. Experiment with the size of the rollers: mix them to get a fresh creative or stick to the same sized rollers to make your hair look more elegant. The rule of the thumb is “longer hair — bigger rollers”. And vice versa.

How many rollers in a set

Don’t forget to check a hot rollers full set before buying it. The thing is if you have fine hair, standard 8 rollers may be enough for you. But ladies with thicker hair may need some additional items. So we recommend you a set of 16 rollers. Also, make sure that all the rollers in the set are of the same size unless you want different sized curls. 

Sponge, wax or ceramic 

The hot rollers’ material matters. If you’re the owner of a natural slightly wavy hair that gets unruly from time to time, your choice should be ceramic-infused rollers. The heat isn’t very invasive; the hot rollers also emit ions which is a solid way to shiny and healthy hair. 

Wax rollers produce longer-lasting curls. This material retains heat longer due to their wax-filled core. Wax rollers are a go-to option if you: 

  • have very curl-resistant fine hair;
  • have long beautiful hair; it’s easier for the wax hot rollers to get through the thick layer of hair around the rollers.

The most common material for hot rollers is plastic. Sponge rollers are usually softer and retain moisture which causes curls to last longer. Moreover, it provides styling versatility. Depending on the pressure applied, waves get looser or tighter. 

Keep in mind that there are two primary types of rollers. The ribbed ones hold the hair tightly in the ribs. They are usually easier to set up and are famous for their effortless removing. The flocked ones are smoother and more suitable for the large curls. Also, the curls made with the flocked rollers last longer.

We recommend you to check out all types of hot rollers. This way you will not only find your one and only perfect material but will have a lot of fun experimenting with different styles. 

Heating Mechanism

Heat-up rollers use 3 mechanisms: conduction, which is the most common, induction, and steam technology. Depending on the heating type, all hot rollers divide into two categories: dry heat and wet heat (steam) hot rollers. 

Conduction rollers are heated all at once before the hair styling process. They always have a slot for each roller. Induction technology provides fast heating (approximately 10 seconds) which allows you to start the styling immediately. Steam heated rollers require time and water. Also, they’re not so invasive; it’s definitely an option for the most patient of us. 

To sum up, the main difference is that steam roller sets tend to last longer than curls from hot rollers. But the dry heat rollers usually have multiple heat settings. Therefore they are more versatile. 

It’s time for action

Stop wasting your time envying girls with natural waves. Probably, they create those luxury curls every morning. Maybe they do it with the help of the hot rollers. So why don’t you give them a try? 

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