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The Ultimate Guide to Social Skills Activities for Kids

The Ultimate Guide to Social Skills Activities for Kids

High society is sweeping low. 42% of American workers hold jobs that value social skills. Every aspect of life is affected by how you communicate with other people, including at the youngest ages. 

That’s why social skills activities for kids are so important. But they can be complicated. 

What are the most important social skills for children? What are some different activities that let children practice skills? How can you create a productive and happy environment for kids to learn? 

Answer these questions and your children can become members of high society before they grow tall. Here is your quick guide.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the most underrated social skills for kids. It helps the two people making contact look for positive and negative expressions on each other’s faces. Eye contact can generate strong emotions in and of itself, especially in romantic scenarios. 

Many social skills activities incorporate eye contact to some extent. The easiest activity to do is a staring contest. Have two children stare at each other until one of them blinks, and you can award the winner something. 

If two children are having trouble making eye contact, you can place stickers on their foreheads. You can then ask them to look at the stickers instead of the eyes. This will ease them into making eye contact while encouraging them to look at someone while they are talking.

Facial Expressions 

Facial expressions are extremely important for social development. They convey what a person is trying to say. They create empathy, sympathy, and other subconscious ties between people. 

Emotional charades are a good way to teach young children about facial expressions. You can write various moods on sheets of paper, then ask a child to draw a sheet and perform it. The other children have to guess what the emotion is. 

Face games involve mirroring expressions. One child performs an expression and the other has to mimic it. This keeps the atmosphere fun while helping children rehearse different expressions.

You can try out roleplays. This will encourage your children to emote with their bodies in addition to their faces.

Have your kids go through different scenarios where they have to emote and use their manners. You should then have conversations about the scenarios so children understand how they should behave.

Holding Discussions

Once you’ve practiced initiating conversations, you need to practice holding them. It can be hard for young children to stay on one train of thought.

You should encourage children to have conversations in many different ways. You can fill a hat with pieces of paper that act as conversation starters. 

For young children who are learning the alphabet, you can play a topic game. You can ask students to come up with a word for each letter that relates to a theme. This helps them learn about the different words they can use and lets them study the alphabet. 

For older children, you can try a storytelling game. You can write down or hand out pictures of different emotions.

Then you can ask the children to decide on story elements that relate to the emotions in some way. This game allows children to learn how to take turns in a conversation.

Creative Language

Many people use creative language without thinking of it. Humorous turns of phrases, idioms, and alliteration are common parts of conversations. Social skills groups for kids need to bear this in mind as kids are learning conversational skills. 

At a minimum, you should read books to your children about idioms. You can find children’s books that use them and you can then explain what the terms mean. You can also ask children to make their own books with idioms in them. 

If a child wants to practice idioms by themselves, you can ask them to make flashcards. It may be helpful to include illustrations on the flashcards, especially if the child is a visual learner. 

Let children write and tell stories to each other. The stories can be fiction or non-fiction. The more practice they have with creative language, the more skills they will develop for conversation. 

Making Friends

Friendships are extremely important on a number of levels. They are critical for developing self-esteem, as receiving praise or support from others builds confidence. They also help children practice language and build their emotional intelligence. 

Try to create a good environment so children can make friends with each other. Many children craft relationships at summer camps because of the fun and uplifting atmosphere. Keep things as fun and upbeat as possible.

Organize your kids into small groups. Bunks are a good place to start. But you should adopt a buddy system for activities so children can craft stronger relationships with each other. 

Run some activities that do not necessarily teach skills. You can do sports, arts and crafts, and board games. 

But try to find games that require teamwork and interpersonal communication. These games will encourage kids to make friends without them knowing it. 

The Best Social Skills Activities for Kids

Social skills activities for kids should cover all social interactions. Eye contact and facial expressions are extremely important for establishing social ties. You can run roleplays and staring contests. 

Having discussions requires more dynamic activities. You can play charades and encourage your children to tell stories. Try to incorporate opportunities for creative language into your games.

Create many chances for your children to make friends with each other. Board games and sports require kids to trust and communicate with their peers. 

Don’t stop learning about how your kids can learn. Read more early education guides by following our coverage.

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