The ultimate guide to stop getting bored when traveling

The ultimate guide to stop getting bored when traveling

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling adventures you can experience in life, but unfortunately, not all of it is sunshine and roses. As expected, there is a lot of downtime that is not filled with beach trips, city clubbing, or meeting new people.

Just as in more mundane everyday life, you are inevitably going to find yourself with a substantial amount of boring, otherwise superfluous time, which can threaten to bring the excitement of the journey to a crashing halt.

These dull interludes include everything from long-haul flights, seemingly endless waits for travel connections in any given country, quiet moments in your accommodation, and the days when you simply don’t have the energy to go off hiking or drinking in the vibrant local culture.

Thankfully, there are a number of different activities you can busy yourself with to pass the time, whether you want to engross yourself in a game on your phone, catch up on all the great books you’ve had on your ‘to-read’ list for months, or help make your trip even more rewarding by chatting to a nearby stranger or trying to learn the local language (sometimes both at once).

This is the ultimate guide to stop getting bored when traveling:

Play fun games on your phone

If you find yourself at a loose end, then one of the easiest ways to pass the time is by playing a fun game on your phone.

This is a great option because it is instantaneous and takes little effort to do. While this doesn’t sound particularly important, it is only when you are tired and stuck waiting for a plane in an airport departure lounge that you will be thankful for such a fool-proof way to pass the time.

In fact, these games can be very engaging, which is what makes them the ideal travel companion. You can work to beat your high score or even learn to play new games at Cafe.

Read an interesting book

For those after a more highbrow activity to occupy themselves with while traveling, you could catch up on some of the best books on your reading list when you have a free moment.

Books and traveling have always been a perfect match because you can often relate far more to the characters in a novel when you are experiencing your own adventure.

Indeed, when you don’t have the distractions of work, family, or household chores, you can dedicate hours of guilt-free time to losing yourself in a book, which is an increasingly rare pleasure for many people.

When you fill your spare time reading while you travel, you will hopefully both expand your mind (which is a goal for many people while traveling) and associate certain chapters with memories of your journey when you return, acting as a very special memento of your once in a lifetime experience.

Listen to a radio show from back home

Traveling is amazing because it gives you a front-row seat for experiencing new cultures, ways of thinking, and incredible history. However, there will no doubt be times when you pine for your life back home and the culture you have left behind.

This is a perfectly natural part of international travel and demonstrates how wonderful your life is back home. However, no one wants to feel homesick if they can help it, so spending a few empty moments listening to your favorite radio station back home on the internet is a great way to enjoy your travel time while reminiscing about home.

Make friends with a stranger

Although traveling is about seeing new sights, visiting world-famous attractions, and discovering hidden gems, it is also made special because of the many people you will meet along the way.

Connecting with new people is always rewarding, but this connection is made all the more meaningful when there is a cultural or language barrier.

Therefore, why not put yourself out there and meet new people while you are stuck for activities to do or crammed onto a plane with nowhere else to be.

You never know who you are going to meet or what their story is going to be, so make an effort to connect with local people because it may well end up being the highlight of your trip.

Learn the local language

Arguably the most daunting aspect of travel is the language barrier. When you can’t speak the local language, everything from ordering food to saying hello is difficult, which can be disconcerting, especially if you don’t feel at ease with where you are yet.

Therefore, take the time to learn a few words of the local language if you have a free moment. Not only does learning the language transform your trip, opening up a world of new possibilities, but it also keeps you safe in case you need to ask for help.


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