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The Wide Variety Of Musical Instruments And How To Choose One

The Wide Variety Of Musical Instruments And How To Choose One

Won’t it be cool if you could play the guitar? Well, not just guitar, any musical instrument is incredible, and if you can play one, you can bust your boredom or entertain friends and family. If you get good at it and form a band, it’s even better. Some of the best friendships in life are borne out of musical ensembles. 

At this point, you must be thinking “Yes, I agree, but I don’t know where to start!’ Well, everyone starts from right where you are. If you do not have any clue as to what instrument you want to learn, it’s not a big deal. In the following post, we have listed all the major categories of instruments to help you understand and develop a liking for one. 

For a complete catalogue of all kinds of musical instruments check out your nearest musical instrument store.

About the piano

Parents, if you are reading this, start with the piano for your child. It is the best instrument to understand to help a novice understand and see music. The piano or the contemporary digital keyboards are well suited for both the young and the old. Keep in mind that almost the entire western classical was composed on a piano. There are various piano variations available that include the Accordion, Harpsichord and the Synthesizer. 

The guitar

Well, what more can be said about the instrument of choice of the rock gods and legends. You can span the entire spectrum of music, starting from classical to metal. Ideally, the most favored instrument of the pop-culture, it is still extremely popular. However, this one is a bit tricky to learn, and it is the same for most of the string instruments. There are various iterations available that include the Electric Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, and the Dulcimer. 

Go classical

If you are a “strictly-classical” person, then there are various traditional instruments to choose from. If you are looking for classical sounds and have an interest in learning the musical roots, the rich culture and heritage, then these are just right for you. Here are some of the choices for you.

#1 The Violin 

Talk about ultimate expression, and you have the violin, also considered the lead instrument in an orchestral set-up. It is comfortable to hold with an excellent range.

#2 The Viola

The viola is a bit larger than the violin and has a darker yet deeper tone. Try it only if you have large hands.

#3 The Cello

The original bass; cello is the largest and you need to place yours between your knees to be able to play one. It has a rich and dense tone. 

Brass instruments

The brass family includes the metal tubes with valves and buttons to alter the pitch. Think of the 60s and 70s jazz scene, and you have wonderful Trumpet and Tuba players. These are very crucial members of the band and the orchestra scene. The varieties include the Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba and the Baritone. 

Additionally, there are the woodwinds like the Flute, Fife, and Clarinet, Oboes and Harmonica as well as the percussive instruments like the Drums, Xylophone, Conga and Bongos to choose from. Make your choice before you walk into the store. All the best!  

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