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These Are the Best Products for New Moms

These Are the Best Products for New Moms

Being a new mom is difficult. If you are expecting or have just had a baby, you want to be as prepared as possible. There is this new life that you have to care for, and that in itself is a huge responsibility. It can be stressful. We want to make sure that you and your little one are in the best care possible. 

For the Expecting Mom

You are expecting a little bundle of joy, congratulations! While you are carrying this little miracle it is important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. It is especially hard when you are pregnant, as you may not be able to do the stuff you could when you weren’t growing a tiny human inside of you. It’s hard to keep up with a self-care routine when you are pregnant. 

Taking care of your skin will help reduce breakouts and stretch marks caused by pregnancy. We know how difficult it can be to maintain both hygiene and skincare when pregnant. You can brighten dull and sallow skin. Moisturizing and exfoliating helps to make your skin more elastic making it less likely to get stretch marks. Stretch marks are very common, new ones more so in pregnancy and weight gain. Essential oils can help with symptoms like inflammation, anxiety, depression, relaxation, and they can help calm you. Some essential oils are often used as a sleep aid due to their calming effect.

If lavender or chamomile essential oils do not help with sleeping, we recommend trying hemp oil for sleep. Sleep during pregnancy is important. Sleeping in pregnancy can be difficult due to the weight of your bump. A pregnancy body pillow will be your best friend. You should try and get as much sleep as possible while you are pregnant. As soon as your baby is born, sleep will be something that comes rarely as you will have to get up and feed them during the night, not to mention the diaper changes.

If you are going to breastfeed your baby, it is in good knowledge to stay as hydrated as humanly possible. The more fluid intake you have, the more breast milk output you will have. Breastfeeding hydration drinks are available to aid you in this time when it is really easy to forget to drink water. Staying hydrated is important for you, your body, and your baby. 

Prenatal vitamins are a must-have before, during, and even after pregnancy. There are many essential vitamins in prenatal vitamins. Such as folic acid, which if folic acid is not present before pregnancy can result in birth defects such as spina bifida. You can reduce the chances of throwing up your prenatal vitamins by taking them with food, or a small snack, if all else fails, talk to your OBGYN about a potential gummy vitamin option. Iron and vitamin D are vital during pregnancy and prenatal supplements contain these. Iron can be a bit hard to stomach so taking it at least three to four days out of the week will be just fine. Iron can sometimes cause constipation so be careful. 

As you may already know or have experienced, your mood can change a lot during pregnancy. With all of your hormones running rapidly it can be fairly hard to control your mood and emotions. Mood Health is a resource that can help you talk to someone who is experienced in the behavioral field. You are not alone, it is easy to feel sad, angry, happy, and even anxious when going through pregnancy. If you are scared, it is always nice to have someone there to listen. If you need to vent or cry, having someone there makes all the difference. 

If pregnancy has you feeling lonely, you can check out homesick candles. Homesick candles are specially customized candles from each and every state. If you have family that lives far away and you wish that you could have anything to remind you of them, these are perfect. These candles are your home away from home. 

For the New Mom

So you have had your little sweetheart already, but you still feel like something may be missing. It’s alright, we have got you covered.

If you have not already, make sure that you invest in a sturdy baby stroller. Baby strollers make it easy for you and your little one to get around without a hassle. Going on walks to the park or even just shopping around in your local mall will be so much easier with a baby stroller. Most strollers have a built-in undercarriage that can hold your diaper bag, bottles, and even changing pads. With enough room, storage will be easy so you do not have to carry around your baby or the diaper bag. 

As your baby gets older, they will experience teething. Teething is painful as the baby teeth are just starting to break through the gums. Your little one will want to chew and gnaw on everything in sight. Be sure to have teething toys and clean kid’s pain medicine at the ready. It also helps to have a teething toy that can be frozen, the cold will help soothe their sore little gums. Pain medicine like gels made especially for teething should help as well, just make sure that you have their pediatrician’s go ahead on it. 

When your little ones do get a few teeth, make sure to brush them often. Yes, even toddlers and kids have to keep up with a routine of brushing their teeth. Kosher toothpaste is recommended. If your toddler is wanting to brush their teeth, try starting out with toothpaste that is safe to swallow and will not harm them. They even make flavors that toddlers and kids will like, apple and bubblegum for example. Kosher toothpaste is a more natural toothpaste that contains no animal products. 

Another must-have for new moms is an easy baby swaddle. Most moms when leaving the hospital are not taught how to swaddle their baby traditionally. Swaddling your baby can be a hassle. So, if you have a hard time figuring out what corner folds where easy baby swaddles are seemingly a life hack.  Swaddling helps to calm a baby as it reminds them of being all snuggled up in your womb. 

The final product that is recommended to new moms is a baby monitor. Very cliche you may be thinking. However, if you have your little one sleeping in a separate room, you want to know that they are protected at all times. It also helps to ease the troubled minds of new mommies as they have issues falling asleep at night. You can keep a close eye on your tiny baby as they sleep and wake up. 

We know that being a mom is hard, and being a new mom is even harder. You are not taught what to do or how to be a mom. It is a huge learning experience and it does get better and easier with time. Take each step as slowly as possible, they grow up in a blink of an eye. We know that you are doing your best and hope that these products help to make the road to motherhood easier. You have got this, mama!

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