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Things To Ask Canandaigua NY Auto Dealers Before Buying

Things To Ask Canandaigua NY Auto Dealers Before Buying

Before pouring all your hard-earned money on a car, you must know exactly what you’re getting. Buying a car isn’t going to be as cheap and easy as buying any other commodity. There’s no denying the fact that it’s expensive. You’re going to be stuck with the car of your choice for a very long time. So, you’ve got to be sure that the car you’re buying is something that you’ll love to use and keep. 

That said, one right way for you to ensure a good purchase is to ask the right questions to the dealers. To give you a headstart, get a hold of a customer representative from an excellent car dealer by visiting this homepage. Examples of the questions that you should lay down the table before buying includes:

1. Can I First Read The Purchase Agreement?

The purchase agreement is one of the most important documents that you need to check to ensure that you aren’t being ripped off with the car that you’re planning to buy. This document contains essential items like the following:

  • The price of the car
  • The services that are included in the fees that you’re paying
  • The additional costs that you may have to pay for on top of the purchase price

You need to browse through every detail of the purchase agreement. When you do so, you’re more aware of every single item that you’re paying for. Else, you might be paying for a service that you don’t necessarily want to spend as an add-on.

2. Can I Take The Vehicle For A Test Drive?

Yes, a majority of all car dealers will probably allow you to take the car out for a test drive before you close the deal. But, some dealers aren’t so generous about the time. The thing is, you need to be able to take your time in taking the car out for a test drive. That way, you’ll get a better feel as to how it is to drive the vehicle. You might even want to test in the following conditions:

  • During the day and at night
  • At various terrains

A good car dealer should be able to give you ample time to test drive a car. Nothing should ever be rushed. Else, it’s going to feel like as if you’re also pushed to buy a car that you haven’t put so much thought on.

3. Can You Give Me An Overall Idea Also Of The Long-Term Costs?

Owning a car is a long-term commitment. It’s not just something that you can back out of when you no longer feel like keeping the car. Unless you have other immediate options. But, when all else fails, you’ve got no other choice but to keep the vehicle. A part of the long-term commitment that you have also is the financial aspect of it. There are maintenance costs that will always be an inherent part of ownership. And, you need to be aware of this early on. That way, you can better gauge as to whether or not it’s a car that you can afford. 

4. Is it Possible To Pay In Cash?

Paying in cash means right then and there, you’re paying for the full price of the car rather than paying in installments. If you’re lucky, car dealers can give you a good discount when you pay the amount in full. This gives you a lot of extra savings that you can spend instead on other payments. For instance, the car insurance and registration fee. If paying full in cash is something that you can afford to do today, then do it. 

5. What’s The Warranty Coverage?

Apart from all the other freebies that the car dealer can offer you, one significant thing for you to consider is the warranty coverage. Some dealers are more generous with their warranties than others. You’ll want to purchase from a car dealer in Canandaigua that gives you an excellent warranty. 

The warranty refers to that umbrella of protection whereby you can have free repairs for a particular period, so long as the warranty still exists. When this expires, that’s when you’ll have to start paying for your repairs. If the car dealer gives you a good warranty, then take it. That’s a lot of money that you can save on potential repair costs.


One of the most significant financial decisions and commitments you’re ever going to make in your life is in the purchase of a car. Next to your house, this is going to be one of the most expensive. As it is a huge commitment, this can also mean a lot of stress if you’re not buying the right choices. With the right amount of hard work in the research and speculation process, you can be better assured of taking home the right car for you. This process includes asking the right questions. And, these above-mentioned questions are an excellent place to start with.


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