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Things to Consider When Choosing Post-Surgical Bras

Things to Consider When Choosing Post-Surgical Bras

Choosing a post-operative bra isn’t always a complex task. The choice you make usually depends on the procedure you’re getting. For instance, if you’ve just had a single mastectomy, fit a bra to your remaining natural breast. And if you’ve undergone a bilateral mastectomy, choose a bra that perfectly supports breast forms or prostheses.

What to Look For

When it comes to choosing post-surgery bras & underwear, comfort is key. At this point, a tiny niggle can end up becoming a source of severe discomfort. Thus, avoid bras with seams, tags, as well as wires. Your bra should be designed in such a way that it easily accommodates post-surgery swelling, drains, and dressings.

During the recovery period, it’s advisable to wear a front fastening bra since you might have limited arm mobility. Your doctor might recommend that you put on the bra 24/7 for about 4 to 6 weeks. Here are simple guidelines to help you choose the best bra for your personal needs.

Try-On the Bra

Wear the bra and try bending forward at the waist in such a way that your breasts fall fully into its cups. Doing this will make sure that the bra sits correctly, hence helping check the fit. And if you have got a prosthetic or a breast form place it inside to see how it sits.

If you have symptoms of edema, it’s extremely important that the bra’s underarm isn’t too tight. Always wear the bra on its loosest band setting so that it’s both supportive and comfortable. And as the swelling reduces, tighten it accordingly.

Ensure That the Band Isn’t Too Tight

If you have just had breast surgery, fit your bra to the loosest hook. As swelling reduces, you can always tighten it. And if you’re about to undergo surgery, fit your bra to the middle hook so that it can accommodate any swelling or drains. The bra should always feel supportive as well as comfortable.

Check That the Under-arm Fits Correctly

The under-band must always stay in place when you lift your arms over the head. But if it rides upwards, it means that your band is loose and you’ll, therefore, need to get a smaller size. Remember, the band must be uniform all the way around, so if it bows at the back, get a smaller size.

The main support should actually come from the under-band. Therefore, set adjusters to the middle to provide for flexible adjustments. If you need the loosest setting, go up a size, and if the tightest fitting is required, go down a size.

Choose the Right-Size Cups

Your breasts must fit snugly within the bra’s cups. So, if there’s spillage at the top, consider trying a larger size.

It’s also important to make sure that the cups support your breasts appropriately. If there’s some gaping in the cup, try going for a better fit.

When choosing a post-surgical bra, there are several things you may want to take into consideration. These include the size of the bra, how big or small its cups are, as well as the type of bands. Just make sure that you pick the one that’s perfectly fitting. 


Virginia Jimenez is a writer, dancer and teaching artist in New York City. She teaches for various companies focusing on dancing for musical theatre, ballroom dancing, theatrical skills and story building. Bringing arts education to students in NYC is incredibly rewarding for her because she is passionate about arts integration and using the arts to facilitate an emotional education. As a writer, Virginia believes in the power of words and stories to challenge and encourage audiences to seek growth and modes of expression. She likes tequila and ice cream - though not necessarily together.

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