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Things to Do as Your Home Lease is Ending

Things to Do as Your Home Lease is Ending

You need to sign a lease if you decide to rent a house. The length depends on your agreement with the landlord. It is crucial for you to know what is in the lease before signing it. At some point, the contract will end, and you can decide whether or not to continue it. If you choose not to re-sign it, there are some essential tips to remember and stick to.

Let your landlord know  

Re-read your contract and find out when and what you need to notify your landlord for. In some cases, you need to inform the landlord that you don’t intend to renew the contract at least a month before it ends. The given time will allow the landlord to search for potential tenants so that when your lease ends, someone else can take over. You also need to get your deposit back. Hence, it is crucial for you to notify the landlord on time.

Find someone to clean the home

You don’t want to leave the property in bad shape when your move out. Apart from getting fined as stated in your contract, it is also rude to do so. Your landlord allowed you to stay in the house for a particular time. The least you can do is find someone to get it properly cleaned up. You don’t have to do it yourself when there are end of tenancy experts like Pro Cleaning London. They will make sure that the house looks exactly as it was when you first moved in. Your landlord will check the house first before returning your deposit as agreed in the contract.

Keep a record of all the defects

If you have seen some changes over time, you need to take a photo. You need to prove that those changes were normal wear and tear. Your landlord might claim that you damaged the property and decide to keep part or the your entire deposit. You can also challenge these claims if you have evidence to show as proof.

Leave your new address

If you already found a place to move to once the lease ends, you need to inform your landlord about it. Some items might still be delivered to your old address, and you can ask your landlord to forward them to you. If possible, you need to inform all the companies you have a relationship with to change the address where they will deliver the packages or materials.

Give your bank account

The landlord needs to check the property first before returning your deposit. Once the check-out inspection is completed, your landlord will need your bank details to transfer back your deposit. Usually, the whole process takes about 30 days, but it sometimes can stretch to 60 days, so have that in mind and be ready to wait.  If you do not receive the deposit within the given time, check with the landlord or letting agent on the matter. If you can’t get any reasonable explanation for the delay or resolution on the problem, then you can take the necessary legal action.

Return the keys

You need to return the keys once you are ready to move and you have nothing left inside the property. If you duplicated the keys, you also have to hand the duplicates over to the landlord or agent for security purposes.




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