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Things to Do to Secure the Attendees at a Conference

Things to Do to Secure the Attendees at a Conference

One of the most crucial aspects of organising an event is the security and safety of the attendees. Although you want to look into all the details related to the event, you cannot forget the safety of everyone heading there. Whether it is an intimate gathering of a few experts or a big event involving hundreds of attendees, you need to keep everyone safe. These are some useful tips to make sure that everyone goes home without any physical injury or safety-related problems.

Choose the right venue

When choosing the place for the event, you need to check if it is large enough to accommodate everyone coming. You also need to check if it is in a secure location. Find out if there are security cameras used or roving guards who will keep the place safe during the event. If you are holding the conference in the UK, you can check out large conference venues UK cities offer, as there are lots of options available. 

Create a safety team

Apart from the security staff provided by the venue, you also need to have a security team. They will take care of all the people coming in and out of the site. They will prevent outsiders from having access to the conference venue. They will also check suspicious items inside the venue and alert the security officers. You need a group of well-trained individuals whose primary duty is to keep the place safe at all times. Make sure they have easy access to security officers within the venue and from the city to deal with worst case scenarios.

Partner with a medical team

You also do not know what could happen during the event. Some attendees might end up getting sick. You need a medical team on standby to address their medical concerns. You can also ask for an ambulance within the area to rescue attendees in need of immediate medical help and take them to nearby hospitals.

Partner with the security team of VIP guests

Some of the guests coming to the events, like invited speakers, might already have a security detail. You need to collaborate with them and coordinate your efforts so that you will secure both the special guest and the rest of the attendees. It is also crucial to know each other’s protocols, so meet with them before the event.

Remind attendees of items they cannot bring 

If there are items which are banned from the conference, you need to inform everyone to avoid confusion and chaos. When attendees insist on bringing their items despite the advisory notice, you can forcefully remove them from the venue. 

Conduct a dry run

After meeting with the security team and telling them what they need to do throughout the event, it helps if you conduct a dry run. It ensures that everyone knows what will happen and what actions to take under certain circumstances. It is also the chance to ask questions regarding safety. 

You cannot take a risk when it comes to the safety of the attendees at a large conference. The reputation of the organisers and of the conference itself is on the line. You do not want to cancel future events because of unforeseen security issues.



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