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Things To Keep In Mind When Moving Across The Country

Things To Keep In Mind When Moving Across The Country

American families are moving in huge numbers – spurred on in part by the cultural reset that has occurred during the coronavirus pandemic. Moving all the way from one side of the country to the other might be a tempting way to restart life, but it can be rather complicated. Here is a quick list of things that you must consider before making your cross-country move.

Travel Costs

Fuel prices are spiking at the moment due to the climate emergency and the ongoing war in Ukraine. It may well be cheaper to ship your vehicle and get a flight than to drive and purchase gas along the way. Shipping companies account for gas prices and have great economy of scale, which makes them less vulnerable to spikes in price.

Overnight Stays

The United States of America is vast. It is important that you have some energy left when you arrive at your new home. Your work has only just begun once you reach your destination. Split up your journey by taking overnight stays. Motels are relatively cheap, but tend to be a little stressful. Organizing an Airbnb in advance is a surefire way to get a little more rest during your stops.

Furniture And Bulky Objects

Some furniture and bulky objects won’t fit in a U-Haul or pickup. Moving furniture using a shipping company is preferable to risking a breakage by trying to do it yourself. Professional shippers and movers might cost a little money, but they are totally worth the cost. They are insured to deal with breakage and loss.

Save Your Receipts

Save all of your shipping and moving receipts. Although good shipping companies and moving professionals will take the utmost care with your possessions, things do tend to get broken during large cross-country moves. Moving companies are insured against any losses that you claim back from them, and many of them will gladly give out some form of compensation if they damage an object beyond repair.


If you want to be really sure of your possessions being covered, it is best to purchase some form of moving insurance. Moving insurance varies hugely in price and coverage type. If you have the budget, it is extremely wise to purchase comprehensive coverage. Most Americans purchasing moving insurance go for full value or released value protection plans.


A surprising number of people end up paying double for utilities in the months after they move. The main reason for this is the inflexibility of modern utilities contracts. Take internet service providers, for instance. When you sign up to receive the internet, you will often sign a contract stipulating the amount of time you will need to remain with the company. This is often 6 or 12 months, and you will be charged extra if you need to switch provider prematurely. It is important that you line up your move date with the end of your utilities contracts in order to prevent a potentially expensive overlap.


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