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Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Online Reviews

Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Online Reviews

Since online scams are prevalent, customers dread purchasing from a newly-discovered brand. However, what really helps them in making an informed buying decision is the online reviews. Online reviews can get you leads, boost conversions, and even help you create better products or provide better services.

Although you can leverage the services of marketing agencies like, which can help you get real positive reviews from real customers in a breeze, you should also improve your strategies that will lure your customers into leaving awesome reviews.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss what you can do now to improve your online reviews and present yourself as a trustworthy brand in the market. Keep reading to discover!

1.    Ask for Reviews

Most customers may not be willing to leave a review because it may feel like a “tedious” task to them. Asking won’t hurt anybody. You should simply ask the customer to leave a review on your website. This could be during a face-to-face interaction or by sending a follow-up email after they purchased your products.

If you’re still not seeing a drastic improvement, you can always offer them rewards such as a discount code or free goodies in exchange for a review. This will motivate the “lazy” customers to leave feedback.

2.    Keep an Eye on the Overall Reviews

Although it may sound like an exhausting task, you should keep monitoring your reviews from day to day. This will greatly facilitate you in assessing the most common issues customers are facing. Asking this question will lead you to think of the root cause and find a feasible solution to improve your ratings immediately.

For example, if your customers are constantly complaining about the product’s packaging in the feedback section, connecting with a professional packaging solution provider will help you eliminate this issue and allow for happier customers.

3.    Set a Google Alert

Customers can face issues at any point. The only way to keep them satisfied is to rapidly address their concerns. Therefore, your best bet would be to set a Google alert. Whenever you get a review from an unsatisfied customer, you will be able to respond quickly to them and offer a quick solution.

This will not only show your care towards them but will also make sure they become your returning customers.

4.    Be Active on All Review Sites

Being present on all review sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, and Trustpilot will give your brand a human touch. It will make it easier for current customers to leave reviews and to make a purchasing decision for potential customers.

In addition, this will also indicate to your customers that you are truly working hard towards the company’s success and that feedback from them matters to you.

5.    Be Mobile-Friendly

Since most customers tend to make purchases using their mobile phones, you should ensure that your review forms are well-optimized for mobile users. For instance, if you send your customers the link to leave a review through emails, you must allow the link to open properly on mobile phones.

If your review forms aren’t mobile responsive, you can’t expect customers to leave a review as they would find it hard to figure out how to fill out the review form using their handheld device.

6.    Make the Reviews Page Visible on Your Website

Having a static review sticker on your website will allow your website visitors to always quickly look for your reviews. By putting reviews on the front of your website, you will show that you are honest and transparent in your dealings.

You can also embed the review tab on the navigation menu on the homepage. In addition to this, having reviews on your website will automatically show interested buyers your reviews on Google search.

7.    Streamline the Review Process

Customers won’t spend more than a few seconds finding the review section and leaving feedback. If you want to improve your online reviews, you must make leaving reviews a hassle-free process.

For example, if you want your customers to leave a review on a specific site, you can add the direct link in your Instagram bio or send them a follow-up email with that specific link to navigate in a breeze. This way, your customers won’t have to go out of their way and will be able to easily rate your business.

8.    Respond to Negative Reviews

It’s quite unrealistic to think that you will always get a 5-star rating. At times, some customers may not be happy with your products or services, and they may leave a bad review out of anger or dissatisfaction.

However, the ball is always in your court. You should positively reply to the negative comments in the feedback section (not in the emails) to show potential customers how seriously you take negative feedback and make you a more trustable brand.

You should be solution-oriented, apologetic, and never blame the customer. This way, your unsatisfied customers will feel valued, and you may even win them back!


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