Things you must know about notary public

Things you must know about notary public

Are you living in the beautiful city known as San Francisco and looking for service providers who can help you attain your important document notarized? Then my dear friend you are planning it right. It’s because there are many service providers around the city who are currently working under this field and providing such notary services vitally. The best part is that notary public San Francisco service providers will eliminate your extra time waste if you are really a busy kind of person. This is the big reason for which such service providers are highly profiting these days. Further in this article, you are going to know about public mobile notary in detail, so shall we start?

Mobile notary

In case if you have already notarized any of your older document then you must have already realized how annoying this process is right? Also, looking for a notary and then visiting is not at all easy tasks. On the other hand, matching your busy schedule and coordinating your time in order to visit any notary is even harder. And it’s not at all like you just have to wait is only the trouble. Getting your documents notarized is the last thing in between establishing the power of attorney for any of your beloved family member. Additionally, it is also essential in between the travel consent form which you are looking for your little one, etc.

But what does a notary public actually means? Well in simple terms, according to National Notary Association the meaning of notary public is- It is a public servant which is officially appointed by the government of the state in order to witness the signing process in the documents which are much crucial and the services further extend to administering the oaths as well.

Furthermore, a mobile notary is basically a notary public whose working involves traveling to the destinations of the clients in person. On the other hand, it is an appointment-based meeting and the client has to wait till their turn comes, the appointment will start as per the time specified to them.

Generally, this type of notaries is used as a part of a mortgage closing process. In these numerous signatures of different parties are collected. This is then helpful in the closings of the mortgages which are conducted across the lines of the states. Below stated are some of the common questions and its answers which are widely asked by the people regarding notary public San Francisco.

Q- What is notarized by the- notary public?

It can notarize any important document in which any of the originators are finding and wants to guarantee the integrity of a signer. Further, it also verifies the original identity of the person who is signing it. This is done to ensure that the signer is signing the document willing as well as knowingly. This simple method assists in preventing any sort of fraud executions of the documents.

Q- How is the signer’s identify verified by the notary?

At first, the notary will initiate to ask the signer about the documents like- show your driver’s license, or any other government-issued identity cards, which are displaying the signature of the signer, photograph of the signer, details related to the signers which can describe the identity of the signer.

Q- Can any of the public notary assists in the process of preparing the documents?

No, the public notaries not at all assist and also do not help in preparing the documents for you. They will only witness the signing process which is taking place in front of them. On the other side, one must know that preparing as well as assisting the documents is an unlawful practice according to laws. Thus a notary’s role is to be impartial and just witness the signing proceedings that all.  

Q- Is there any possibility that my notarization can be refused?

Yes, it can be easily possible in certain cases which you are going to know further. The notary public can refuse to execute the notarization process in cases where-

  • The person is not so convincing
  • Where the identity of the signers is false and not real
  • They may also reject the document where he or she may have any financial interest
  • They can also do it according to their willingness sometimes
  • If he or she is unable to understand the circumstances, etc

Q- Are there any chances that a notary verifies the copy of the document?

In general no, but the state rules may vary. For important documents like the marriage certificates or the birth certificates, the requestors must visit the local agency which holds such documents- such as local country clerk.

On the other hand, there are still some chances some notary can certify a copy of the document but it is suggested to firstly check with notary of San Francisco to be on the safer side.

Benefits of notary public San Francisco services

There are many benefits offered by such service providers which the customers enjoy after connecting with them. Some of the great ones are mentioned here in this article and they are as follows:

  • Their traveling notaries come at your place thus no time waste in traveling is done by your side. All these are added to their services.
  • They are very affordable in price rates and charge which can suit your pocket and budgets.
  • The process is quite painless as well quick thus much of your time is saved. This saved time can be utilized in some of your other important works.
  • The minimum preparation which you have to do is just be prepared with your valid ID proofs and documents.
  • Their working also includes ensuring all the documents are well dated, notarized, signed, etc.
  • It is appointment based thus you can choose the timing of the appointment according to your preference.
  • The appointments will not take much of your time and effort.

And above all most of the notary public San Francisco service providers are experts and licensed and you can totally rely on them and trust them.

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