Things You Really Want to Take With You on Your College Trip

Things You Really Want to Take With You on Your College Trip

College trips are part of the learning process. The best way to learn is to experience everything first-hand. Students should go to the trip fully prepared with things they will need and questions they will ask.

Going on a college trip is exciting. If you want the trip to be more educative and fun, ensure that you have everything you need. Your teacher or instructor will likely provide a list of all the items they would like you to take with you. Reviewing your list will ensure that you don’t forget anything you will need on the trip. The things you need also depend on the length of time you will be away. Here are the things you will need to carry with you.

Suitable backpack

The backpack you choose should be large enough to fit all the items you will talk but still the right weight and size that you can manage it. You can try it by loading it with items and trying to move around with them. You will get a feel for the weight and bag. It should be a tolerable weight if you will walk a lot.

You should only take what you will use. Adding too many items that you might not use will only add to the overall weight and it might make you tired.


Information sessions offer an opportunity to gather all the details you need. However, it can be hard to take notes when the information that is given is too many. You can use the recording function on your phone.


During the trip, you will need to take pictures of the things you will need. A camera will ensure that you capture all the crucial data. You might also want to take pictures of you with friends as memories.

Pen and notebook

While recorders can do a lot of work, you can also carry a pen and notebook to make note of crucial pieces of information. You can also write down any questions that arise during the trip and you can ask later during the questions session.

Ensure that you ask the questions that you have written down because you might find them in your essays after the trip. Even though you might get help from professional writers at Essayvikings, you will still need to go through it and know them.

Weather-appropriate shoes and clothing

Comfort is key when going on a trip. Avoid the blister-inducing flats and high heels as you might have a lot of walking and you will need to keep up with the group. Ensure that you know the recent weather of the region you will visit so that you might dress appropriately and carry crucial items such as sunglasses, gloves, and hat. You can take a sweater if it’s rainy. If the trip takes more than a day, you can park extra set of socks and clothes.

ID or Passport

If you are wandering on your own, you might need identification before accessing some buildings. You should keep this safe and handy in case you will need it.

Food and snacks

Ensure that you carry a drink or something such as fresh veggies, apples, pretzels, granola bar or trail mix. These snacks are healthy and require no or little preparation. Juice, water, and sports drinks are good drinks you can pack. Depending on the length of the trip, consider taking two drinks. If there are no restaurants or shops at the place you are going and you will spend the whole day, you can pack a lunch.


It is always good to have money when going somewhere. You never know when you will see something good that you want to buy. Money takes a very small space, so if you take it for an emergency; you will always be on a safe side.

Source of entertainment

Most college trips involved long bus rides and you might need something to pass time while traveling such as MP3, book or portable DVD player.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

This will only come in handy if it’s an overnight trip.

Going on a trip and realizing that you forget what you need can get in your way of fun and learning. Always ensure that you have everything you need. You might also need other things that are not on the list such as medications. Remember to add these to your checklist and carry only what you need.


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