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Things You Should Know Before Travelling Across Europe

Things You Should Know Before Travelling Across Europe


Travelling across Europe is an unforgettable experience – every country is closely knitted together, yet the cultural differences between each country are unbelievable. When embarking on the ultimate trip across Europe though, there are several things that you should be aware of in order to make your trip more seamless and enjoyable. Regardless of whether you’re travelling alone or with family, the following tips should come in extremely handy.

An EHIC Can Cover You In A Medical Emergency

When travelling to other countries, you’re often faced with the decision of opting for travel insurance in order to cover you financially should you have an accident abroad, and while we aren’t saying that travel insurance should be neglected, an EHIC can cover you medically. As a result, you’re able to receive free or heavily discounted medical care when in a medical emergency, so you don’t have to panic about healthcare costs – which, let’s face it, can be eye-wateringly steep overseas! Your EHIC will be valid for 5 years, after which you can renew it easily, so what are you waiting for?

Invest In A Rail Pass

Public transport is widely used across Europe, whether in the form of train, taxi, tram or bus. As a result, in order to navigate yourself around the continent, you’ll find yourself using public transport on a daily basis unless you decide to opt for car hire. As a result, to save yourself a few extra pennies, we’d highly recommend that you invest in a rail pass! If you’re more of a city-wanderer, opting for a rail pass will allow you to travel through cities with ease while saving you money at the same time! Simply apply for one and have it delivered to your home address, ready for your European adventure!

Alert Your Credit Card Company First

I think we’d all panic if we saw our credit card being used in a foreign country, so naturally your credit card company will have a few questions when your card is being used thousands of miles away. Many people put this off when travelling abroad, however it isn’t unknown for a bank company to put somebody’s card on hold because they were unaware that they were on holiday with it. Alerting your credit card company only takes a few moments, and can save you a lot of hassle when travelling across Europe.

Don’t Only Visit The Tourist Attractions

Sure, everyone should take up the opportunity to visit the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa or the timeless Eiffel Tower, but don’t always prioritise visiting the famous tourist attractions! For a start, did you know that, amongst all of Italy’s historical architecture, there’s a small town called Burano completely filled by coloured houses similar to those found in Brighton? By going off the beaten track, you never know where you’ll end up, or the hidden gems that you’ll stumble across. Sometimes, these hidden gems can be the best memories made on your trip, so don’t be afraid of exploring a little!

It’s impossible to know about every tiny detail when travelling across Europe, however we hope the above comes in handy on your travels. Visiting all 50 countries can be quite the challenge, but with the appropriate planning, a little spontaneity and some general organisation, your trip across Europe will be unforgettable.


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