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This Fall’s 4 Must-Have Men’s Items

This Fall’s 4 Must-Have Men’s Items

Summer has always been a season of experimentation, with shifting sets of rules to be adhered to or broken. For instance, this past summer saw the inexplicable re-emergence of “socks and sandals”as a style – but, for some reason, perhaps because enough time has passed or perhaps as a way of reclaiming the idea of “uncool”, it worked. Summer has always been kind to these risky shifts in trend. 

Fall, on the other hand, is all about classic statements. It’s about being comfortable, looking put-together and staying warm while you’re at it. With the leaves turning reddish and brown, and the sky morphing into charcoal grey, it is a season of sober colours and simple statements. 

The following list is an example of the power of simplicity and the timeless appeal of a well-structured clothing item. Here are this fall’s four must-have items for men. 

The Classic Leather Chelsea Boots

Leather boots are as exemplary of fall as apple pie. They are the quintessential autumn footwear, and the Chelsea boot style is arguably the pinnacle of the form. Not only do the boots go well with just about anything, but the materials and structure are robust enough to last through the chilly season. Just waterproof your boots before the first fall showers hit. 

The Luxurious Merino Wool Boxer Brief

Merino wool is insanely comfortable. And it’s breathable and antimicrobial, so it stays fresh and dry. It also so happens to be a material that drapes well and conforms well. All these characteristics together make merino wool the undisputed king of the boxer brief. Seriously, you have to see this pair of boxers – you’ll want to show them off so badly, you’ll wish pants were never invented. The makers of those boxers also make a men’s t-shirt that is equally as impressive, just as a bonus “must-have”. 

The Sleek Suede Jacket

This past month, GQ made the bold claim that everyone looks better in a suede jacket. Honestly, they aren’t wrong. Whether bomber-style (a personal favorite), western-style or aviator-style, a suede jacket seems to strike that delicate balance between sophisticated and casual. They aren’t cheap (at least the real things aren’t) but you can find inexpensive interpretations from bigger outlets like H&M that still look good. 

The Inimitable Japanese Denim

Japanese people do a lot of things well, and denim is no exception. If you want a pair of jeans this fall, go for Japanese denim; producers use lower-tension weaving and traditional dyeing method, which results in a denim that doesn’t fade nearly as easily as its American counterpart. Some people prefer the fade of an American made jean, and all the power to them, but it’s good to also have a sturdier, darker pair in your rotation. 

Fall may be a more conservative season where men’s fashion is concerned, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. The softness and comfort of merino wool, the smooth elegance of leather, the rough texture of suede and the rugged charm of Japanese denim combine to create a seasonal wardrobe that’s both simple and complex.

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