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This Summer Make Bikini Shopping a Breeze

This Summer Make Bikini Shopping a Breeze

This summer season, a visit to the beach is a must. Nevertheless, apart from the relaxation, sun, and sand, the beach brings to mind looking great in a bikini. With so many options available in the market nowadays, it can be a daunting task for women to select the right choice that suits their body type and makes them look their best. This article further prepares you and gets you in the right frame of mind so that your bikini shopping can be fruitful and satisfactory. 

Types of bikinis

Given below are a few kinds of tight bikini options that you should know about before you set out to buy your pair this summer:

  • Tankini: Tankinis suits you the best if you have an apple shaped body. Apple shaped women usually have a larger waist but thin arms and legs. Tankinis are an effective way to distract people from that, and the high cut side on the bottom draws attention to your legs.
  • Ruffle bikini: These kinds of bikinis are best suited for an athletic shaped body. This kind of body is lean without a lot of curves, to which the addition of a ruffle can look ecstatic. The ruffle on the bottom and top of this bikini give the illusion of a figure which is shapelier and adds volume to the required areas. In addition to this, ruffles can also come in handy as a one-piece bikini to enhance a single area of your body. 
  • String bikini: Considering you have an hourglass body, which means an identical hip and bust measurements with a small waist, this type of bikini will best suit you. A string bikini is known to draw attention to your curves and accentuate your waist. Along with that, many string bikinis feature side ties, which can help in adjusting the fit. 
  •  Underwire bikini: Pear-shaped bodies are known to have a small bust and waist with larger hips. An underwire bikini is the best type for this body type since it enhances the bust and draws the attention up. Combined with a hipster bikini, this can be excellent wear to the beach since the bottom will offer more coverage for you back along with providing balance to your hips. 

How to style your bikini?

Once you have figured out what your body type is and short-listed which kind of bikini you would want to buy, the next step is to know how to style it. Even with a proper style of bikini, a bad combination of colors can ruin your look to a great extent. Mentioned below are a few tips that can help you with this: 

  1. Light colors: Lightershades ofbikinis are always used to highlight areas, especially along with a darker shade. For example, if you are an apple shape, you would want to highlight your legs. Wearing a light color on the bottom with a darker color on the top can help you enhance your upper area instead. 
  2. Dark colors: Unlike light colors, dark colors are better for concealing and drawing attention away from some regions of the body. Black is the preferred color. However, any dark shade can work for this. 

These tips mentioned above will surely help you get the best bikinis that suit your requirements and body type. 


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