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Three Fade Haircuts For Men That Will Never Go Out of Style

Three Fade Haircuts For Men That Will Never Go Out of Style

For a very long time men have been disadvantaged in the fashion sector. Men’s outfits have been significantly limited when compared to those of women. Men’s jewelry is practically non-existent if you take into consideration the innumerable pieces women can access. Let’s not get started about the shoes and hairstyles. Books have been written and magazines dedicated to the styling of women’s hair but for men it has been quite the opposite. Anyway, the good news is that men’s fashion is slowly catching up. There is a considerable improvement in fashion styles and trends for men. This is particularly so when it comes to men’s hairstyles. A website like men’s hairstyle club has no shortage of trendy styles for men’s hair.

Thinking of something clever

What hairstyles can you think of that would suit men? You definitely can think about several ideas currently. If this was the 90s or even earlier you would probably be stuck on one idea- the afro. Today you have the opportunity to select from thousands of fancy hairstyles all of them meant specifically for men. The fade haircut is one of the most popular ones currently. It has been popularized by so many of Hollywood’s finest.

The fade cut comes in so many different shapes and styles. It all depends on the size of your hair, your personal preferences as well as your stylist’s opinion of what would look great for your head. The thing that is so great about the fade cuts is their versatility. It does not matter whether you have African hair or your hair is thick and curly. It can be applied on anyone’s head. There is always a style for you to consider. The most popular face haircuts currently include:

  1. The taper fade

If you are huge on trends, this is what everyone seems to be doing right now. Those people who value uniqueness can wait for it to go out of style then try it out. The taper fade is basically a modification of the undercut. It simply replaces the regular disconnect with a fade running for hair to skin. The best thing about it is that you can wear it high or low, whichever way tickles your fancy. Those who love their beards can pair it up for a feisty look.

  1. The classic fade

This was the previous huge thing before the taper came in. However, if there is a look that will never go out of style it has to be the classic fade. The hair at the back and side is clipped off. It increases in size as it heads towards the crown.

  1. Mid fade

This is a fantastic idea for those who would like to keep their hair short. The mid fade has its origins in the military. The hair at the back and side is closely cut. It increases in size towards the top of the head but the hair is never longer than half an inch in size.

These three fade haircuts are just amazing. They are simple yet very sophisticated. The best thing about them is that they are not going out of style any time soon.

Fashion and High Society

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