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Three Famous Drip Machines for Strong Coffee Lovers

Three Famous Drip Machines for Strong Coffee Lovers

Drip coffee makers are the most popular type of coffee makers, especially for people who are coffee addicts and who enjoy a strong cup of coffee with tasty chocolate. Drip coffee makers are preferred heavily as they have automatic functions and programming and brew the coffee as per required. Another beneficial aspect of getting a drip coffee machine is its price. These are really affordable and fetch you a cup of refreshing coffee within a few bucks and no time at all. Being extremely useful for strong coffee lovers, this type of machine extracts the maximum strength and flavor out of the coffee grounds to prepare a strong cup of coffee, with the maximum caffeine for the drinker to stay active.

While the brewing and strength of the coffee is taken care by the drip coffee maker, you can work carefree and is the most beneficial during an early busy morning. Since there are a lot of drip coffee makers available today, it is really hard to pick out the best ones, which are actually worth the price. To make your job easier, we have listed the best out of the many best drip coffee makers which function well, make an amazing cup of coffee and are really affordable. Check them out.



  1. Bonavita BV 1800

This award winning drip coffee maker, conquering the Certified Brewer Equipment Award by America’s Specialty Coffee Association, is the most efficient and reliable coffee maker amongst the many machines. Brewing around 8 cups of coffee in less than 6 minutes, this drip coffee maker is fast and extracts the maximum strength from the coffee grounds. The 1400 watt aluminum heater is very powerful and heats the water to an ideal temperature for brewing the coffee. You can also choose between a glass, thermal or stainless steel carafe which is added to the set.

An impressive feature is the showerhead which helps in extracting the maximum flavor out of the coffee by distributing water evenly over the coffee grounds. The functions of this machine are pretty simple too. The Auto Shut Off feature helps in automatically shutting down the machine when it is not operating, hence saving energy. Completely durable with a 2- year warranty period, the Bonavita BV 1800 is a solid and reliable drip coffee machine for a strong and flavorful cup of coffee.



  1. Cuisinart DCC- 2650

This coffee maker is another impressive machine for a strong cup of coffee, with many commendable features. With a heavy warranty of 3 years, this drip coffee maker prepares up to 12 cups of coffee within a few minutes. This machine is quite affordable too; in fact it is cheaper than the first one listed above. The machine possesses strength settings to make your coffee the way you like it. The charcoal water filter filters out the unwanted particles and prepares a steaming cup of fresh coffee without any harmful components. The Brew- Pause feature is the most noteworthy in this machine. You can get yourself a cup of freshly brewed coffee even when the machine is still brewing.

To consume your coffee during any time of the day, the adjustable heater plate feature comes in handy. It keeps the coffee according to your required temperature. You can choose between low, medium and high temperatures and the machine will keep your coffee accordingly for hours. It also saves energy because it has a useful feature of Auto Shutoff. You need not worry about forgetting to shut off your machine with this amazing drip coffee maker.



  1. Capresso Team TS 465

Yet another powerful and durable coffee machine, this drip coffee maker has all the abilities to prepare the needed cup of coffee. One impressive feature about this machine is that it has an inbuilt conical burr grinder which grinds your coffee beans finely. You can also set the type of grind which you desire, fine, medium or coarse. You get freshly ground coffee each time you brew, which makes your end result even more flavorful, strong and fresh. The machine has a stainless steel carafe which keeps your coffee hot for hours. The programming of the machine lets you choose between the number of cups you desire (maximum of 10 cups) and the strength which you want.

You can set the timings, the strength and the number of cups you require on the programmable screen. The charcoal filter helps you detect when it needs to be replaced and filters the coffee finely. The two features, Drip Stop and Stop- and- Serve, help you receive a cup of coffee when it is still brewing.

These are the efficient machines among all Optimum Drip Coffee Pots in the market. Making a fresh and tasty cup of coffee each time with the required strength, these machines are worth the price.

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