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Three of Princess Yachts’ Newest, Most Innovative Models

Three of Princess Yachts’ Newest, Most Innovative Models

British builder Princess Yachts is in production overdrive as of late—they’ve launched 11 new models over the last 22 months, keeping them on their pace of introducing a new model every two months.

This epic pace has produced plenty of gems, including additions to the S, V, and F classes, as well as the introduction of two new classes—X and R—with no sign of slowing. This can be attributed in part to Princess Chairman Antony Sheriff, the former managing director of supercar manufacturer McLaren Automotive, and a newownership and management group that features managers and directors from the ultra-high-end car market. 

This new leadership is charged with elevating Princess’s status as an iconic and enduring brand, pushing it to even greater heights through continuous innovation and constant improvement. Manufacturing 80% of their yachts’ components in-house is a big difference-maker, ensuring consistent finishing and quality and that all Princess Yachts for sale retain value and seaworthiness over a long lifespan.

The flood of new models means there’s no shortage of new or pre-owned Princess Yachts for sale on the market today. Here’s a look at three of the newest, most innovative Princess models available now or in the coming months.


While not available until the latter half of this year, the modern, uniquely-designed X95 Super Flybridge is already making waves. Loaded with interior space and a fuel capacity of 13,400 liters, she is designed to be a luxurious, comfortable long-range cruiser, allowing further exploration around the globe.

The interior volume space easily rivals that of a mega yacht, thanks to one of the main highlights, the Super Flybridge. Along with the main deck area below, the Super Flybridge spans nearly the entire length of the yacht, resulting in wide-open, uninterrupted luxury living and entertaining spaces. 

Upon entering the main deck saloon, you’re immediately met with an uninterrupted line of sight right through to the forward window. Ascend to the upper deck via the internal staircase and you’ll discover the exceptional fully-enclosed, climate-controlled Sky Lounge. 

The X95 completely re-imagines the concept of a flybridge with its large living spaces and extensive outdoor space. It’s sure to set the standard for a new generation of Flybridge yachts.


The sporty V Class lineup oozes speed and luxury. And lots of it. 

This speedy, entertaining class features sleek, elegant, bold lines, and the V60 has quickly become one of the most popular models. The pioneering deep-V hull – shaped from a lightweight, resin-infused hull composite – ensures exceptional seakeeping and requires less power, and burns less fuel, to achieve maximum speed.

This agile, efficient, performance machine is also loaded with thoughtful design and amenities, including hydraulic swim platform, aft-facing sun pad above platform, spacious cockpit for socializing, aft galley, large foredeck with a wide u-shaped lounge and large sun pad, skylights and massive windows for abundant daylight, loaded helm station, and an electric sliding sunroof.

The smart use of outdoor and indoor spaces ensures plenty of room to entertain and room for six guests in three cabins.

The twin MAN V8 1200 engines driving 5-blade nickel aluminum bronze props push this deep-V hull up to a top speed of around 38-40 knots. The skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail mean you’re at ease charging across the open water at 40 knots or navigating rolling seas like they experience in Plymouth on the English Channel.

Sheriff’s exotic car background is evident in the V Class, as they feature the speed and aerodynamics you would gush about on high-end sports cars like McLaren or Ferrari.


The R35 Sports Yacht saw Princess take an entirely new direction in their yacht design. Shrouded in secrecy, the highly-anticipated debut of this sleek carbon fiber performance sports yacht did not disappoint. 

Chairman Sheriff’s impact is perhaps felt most directly on the R35. Similar to what some luxury car makers are doing, he wanted Princess to get creative with how they can bring in new customers. Sheriff reignited the idea of a smaller, creative vessel, and the marriage of Princess’s pedigree of performance and craftsmanship and the infusion of elements of ultra-high-end automobiles resulted in a stunning vessel. 

Working with BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) Technologies and Italian design and engineering firm, Pininfarina, Princess created the Active Foil System, which operates similar to a hydrofoil and gives this sleek, luxurious, high performance sports yacht incredible stability, safety, and smoothness at high speeds.

Keep an eye on Princess Yachts as they continue to design innovative new yachts that continually push what’s possible while producing models that suit a broad range of tastes and desires. Like the R35, the X95 will be a game changer when it debuts later this year, and one thing’s for sure—Princess isn’t even close to being done.

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