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Three Types of Products You Can Save Money with by Buying Cheaper Replacements

Three Types of Products You Can Save Money with by Buying Cheaper Replacements

We all want to save money. Sometimes out of necessity because we have bills to pay, and sometimes just because there really is no point in paying full price for something that you could get for cheaper.

There are so many overpriced items on the market these days with much cheaper alternatives so why waste your money?

Apple products

Apple products are always high in the price department, and many people love to have the latest iPhone, MacBook or iPad. But when it comes to accessories, it isn’t really necessary to pay the huge price tag. The recent release of the new AirPods Pro demonstrates how costly these accessories can be. At $249 they are a premium product, but you don’t have to find that money to get a similar replacement. Earpods made by different companies don’t come with the Apple brand name but they also don’t come with the Apple price tag. In fact, if you are happy with a replacement item instead of the original thing then you could get a similar product for around $20.

Sports trainers

Another example of products that people tend to pay higher for is sports trainers. With the latest offerings from the big name brands such as Adidas or Nike setting you back at least $90 and going up to around $250 you can be forgiven for looking for a cheaper replacement. And it isn’t difficult to find them. Supermarkets are a great place to find cheaper trainers and sports shops will often carry the high priced items but also much cheaper alternatives. Paying hundreds of dollars for trainers that will need replacing as they get worn, or especially with children’s feet as they grow, is just not necessary when you can find a similar product with the same quality, it just won’t have the big-name label. 

Printer Ink

A third way that people rarely think about when wanting to save money is on their printer ink. It seems to be common that people assume they should buy the brand of printer ink that matches their printer, but this is isn’t true.

You may wonder why it makes sense to use a different printer ink seller than the manufacturer; the reality is that they are much cheaper! Take Canon as an example, Canon replacement cartridges from an online seller can give you the best priced printer ink and you don’t even have to go to the shops to get them. So, buying the branded version means you are throwing money away for no reason!

Companies that sell Canon compatible cartridges, like Smart Ink, are also usually far more reliable than manufacturers like Canon. The reason for this is that Canon have lots of lines to sell and they make far more revenue from their technology then they do from their ink so their customer service isn’t as good. Companies like Smart Ink only sell ink and they need your business time and time again in order to stay afloat, making your Canon replacement ink important to them! They must provide good service to keep their business going, and you can benefit from this.

So, next time you want to replace your headphones, get a new pair of trainers or you need more ink for your printer, think about the cheaper alternative!


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