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Tips and Tricks You Can Do at Home to Prevent Sleep Deprivation

Tips and Tricks You Can Do at Home to Prevent Sleep Deprivation

When supporting your physical and mental health, did you know that sleep is just as important as diet and exercise? You see, sleep is what our body needs in order to reset, and give us the energy we need to function throughout the day.

Our college days were definitely a time of sleep deprivation. Whether it was from the late nights and early mornings of partying, a noisy and disruptive roommate, or the late nights of last minute studying for that big exam, you couldn’t avoid not getting enough sleep.

Some people rely on coffee and energy drinks to be their pick-me-ups, only to crash and burn a few hours later. It’s clear that ample rest is truly what’s needed to aid you in properly functioning throughout the day; coffee and energy drinks are just temporary fixes.

Home is where your rest process begins, and your bedroom is where sleep actually takes place. Sometimes, you have to make changes to your sleeping environment. It doesn’t have to be major changes, but changes that will make a difference. For example, you may sleep with the TV on and think you sleep fine, but the light and sound are subconsciously keeping you from having good quality sleep.

If a good night’s sleep is a goal you’re trying to achieve in your daily life, then there are some measures you need to take to ensure you do. Follow these tips and tricks you can do at home to avoid being sleep deprived.

Lower the Temperature

It’s common to have the temperatures low in your home during the summer months, but it’s also good to have them low in the winter months as well. Not as low as it it would be in the summer months, but reasonably low. Although it’s cold outside in the winter, having too much heat on in your home can and will disrupt your sleep.

The science behind this is that, when we sleep, your natural body temperature will decrease, and allow you to be able to reset and refuel your body. Lowering the temperature in your sleeping space will allow your body to achieve a deeper level of sleep, and have better quality rest.

Even people who are ‘cold natured’ have better quality sleep when the temperature is lowered. If you are someone who is ‘cold natured,’ just have a robe nearby to throw on once you wake up. You can turn the thermostat up once you get up and moving around, but while you’re sleeping, keep it low…your mind and body will thank you.

The reasoning behind keeping your environment cooler is that when our environment is too warm, our body temperatures will rise, and cause us to wake up and have a hard time falling back to sleep. This in turn causes your body to waste energy, and even sweat. Once you do finally go back to sleep, you’ll wake up feeling tired and sluggish, making for a possibly bad day at work, or just a bad day in general. You don’t have to set your thermostat to the North Pole, just turn it down enough to make you want to get under the covers.

Comfortable Bedding

If you are having trouble sleeping, have you ever considered that it might be the actual bedding that you’re sleeping in? Poor quality bedding can cause you to toss and turn and fall in and out of sleep, leaving you sleep deprived. To prevent sleep deprivation due to poor bedding, you definitely want to give yourself the ultimate sleeping experience by indulging in bedding that’s both warm and reliable.

When shopping for your bedding, some key items you want to look for is the thread count and material. Knowing this information is important, in case you have skin allergies to certain materials. Allergic reactions to certain fabrics can have you up all night! Fortunately, you can take care of your sensitive skin, and still enjoy bedding that is fresh and modern.

Room Darkening Curtains

Have you ever woken up an hour or so before your alarm went off due to the sunlight peeking through your blinds? At some point everyone has, and it’s even more maddening when you have to go to work because you’ve had thirty minutes stolen from your sleep time.

Room darkening curtains are quite different from your standard curtains. Standard curtains allow a little bit of light to enter a room, whereas room darkening curtains have blackout features, and are composed of thicker fabrics.

When you hear the words “room darkening,” it makes you think of the color black. Room darkening curtains actually come in different designs and colors to match your home decor. The actual blackout fabric has traditionally been made in darker colors, but you can now purchase them in lighter colors. You’ll be able to rest peacefully up until your alarm clock goes off, without the sun making its glorious appearance to soon.


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