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Tips For Buying The Right Diamond Ring For Your Beloved

Tips For Buying The Right Diamond Ring For Your Beloved

Your beloved deserves the best and you make sure you keep their interests in mind. A grand and lasting gesture is warranted when there’s an event or occasion to mark. How about a gift that lasts forever? How about a diamond ring? For many people, especially men, a diamond ring is often their first step into the big and bewildering world of jewelry. Added to this is the fact that a diamond ring is a huge step forward, a sign of a commitment made and an expectation about the future. Let’s also not forget that your beloved will want to flaunt that particular piece of jewelry. Too many things to be worried about all at once!

Let’s simplify things. Here are a few tips for buying the right diamond ring for your significant other.

  1. Always start with a number in mind- the amount that you’re willing to spend determines all else. It makes no sense to have huge outstanding payments on your credit cards because you maxed them out. Let’s remember that the diamond ring is the start of your life together. You will also have to plan for the ceremony and the actual living together. You don’t want to enter that life with a debt over your head. Keep an amount in mind and walk into the store with it.
  2. Learn about diamonds- diamonds are the most popular gemstone in the world and it’s not hard to see why. Versatile and timeless, the diamond only grows in popularity each year. Luckily, it comes with a guide to simplify things. Read up on the 4 Cs- carat, cut, clarity and color, to learn more.
  3. Keep an eye out for clues- if you intend for the ring to be a surprise, then it’s a great move but also a risky one. You’ll have to get the size right- that’s key. If she does wear rings, see if you can borrow one to get the size. You can trace the ring on a sheet of paper and carry that to the jeweler. A tad loose is better than too tight. You should also know what kind of jewelry your partner prefers. A peek into their jewelry box is good. Also good is a conversation with friends and family. The more information you have, the more confident you will be about picking out a design.
  4. Think about the end product- choosing the diamond alone is not going to finish the process. You’ll also have to decide on the metal you’d like for the ring. Platinum is expensive but dulls quickly. Gold is a perennial favorite, with rose and white gold slowly becoming more in demand. Yellow gold is great too and can really show off a diamond. If there’s going to be a wedding band, then your ring will have to compliment it. So keep that in mind too. What kind of shape you want the stone to be in is important too. Is it a princess, marquise or brilliant cut? Would you like other stones with it? These will be some of the decisions you’ll have to make.
  5. Do get certification and insurance for the ring. Both will attest to the quality and value of the ring.




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