Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Vape Mod and Tank 

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Vape Mod and Tank 

If you want your vaping equipment to work as well as it can, you’ve got to clean and maintain it properly. Dust, grime and pocket lint are the enemies of any vaping device. They can clog vents and restrict airflow. They can also hamper vapor production by preventing your device from making a good electrical connection with the tank or pod. Your vape tank will also become extremely dirty with everyday use. If you don’t keep it in good condition, you won’t enjoy the best possible flavor quality when you vape.  

Keeping your vape mod and tank clean isn’t just a matter of performance and flavor quality – it’s also simply a good hygiene practice. You probably put your vape tank in your mouth at least a hundred times every day, and that makes it a potential breeding ground for microbes. Your tank is going to get pretty disgusting if you don’t take the time to keep it clean. 

Keep your vape mod and tank clean and well maintained with these simple tips. 

How to Clean Your Vape Tank 

Along with the amount of time that your vape tank spends inside your mouth, the fact that it’s always filled with viscous vape juice – which can often leak into the tank’s base – means that it’s most likely the dirtiest part of your vaping setup. Luckily, maintaining your vape tank isn’t difficult at all once you’ve given it a good cleaning. Before you can do that, though, you’ve got to go through the initial cleaning process and remove the grime that’s built up over several months of vaping. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Disassemble the tank completely and rinse all of the components thoroughly in the sink. If your coil is dirty, there’s no need to throw it away. Instead, set it aside for separate cleaning. We’ll explain how to clean your coil in a moment. 
  • If you want to disinfect your vape tank’s components, you can do so by pouring boiling water over them. You can also dip the components in rubbing alcohol if you like; rinse them thoroughly afterwards. Remember that you shouldn’t allow your vape tank’s components to soak in alcohol for too long because alcohol may dissolve or weaken the rubber gaskets. 
  • If your tank has any dust or pocket lint in hard-to-reach areas such as in the chimney or airflow vents, you can remove the contaminants with a toothpick or cotton swab. After loosening the grime, rinse the component in the sink again. 
  • You can clean your dirty vape coils by soaking them in a bowl of hot water to dissolve the residue that’s causing the coils to produce a burned flavor. Cleaning your vape coils manually, however, usually requires several hours of waiting – and quite a few water changes. That’s why most people don’t do it. Try the ROBO2020 vape coil cleaner as a simpler alternative. It uses heat and ultrasonic agitation to dissolve the grime, and it leaves your coils clean and sparkling after only about 15 minutes. It also has an automatic drying function that takes about 15 minutes to complete – and you can safely use ROBO2020 to clean all of your vape tank’s components. 

Once you’ve given your vape tank a good deep cleaning, it won’t be necessary for you to repeat that process in the future. Instead, you can simply take your tank apart and give it a quick rinse in the sink every time you replace your coil. Don’t forget to dry all of the tank’s components thoroughly with paper towels before you resume vaping. 

How to Clean Your Vape Mod 

Now that you’ve cleaned your vape tank, it’s time to take a look at your vape mod. Thankfully, vaping devices generally aren’t as difficult to clean as tanks are. Your vape mod isn’t filled with e-liquid, and you don’t put it in your mouth hundreds of times every week. If you carry your vaping device in your pocket, though – as many people do – it’s going to collect some grime along the way. Here’s how to clean your vape mod. 

  • Clean external areas of the device – such as the screen, the fire button and the main body of the mod – with a soft lint-free cloth. Try not to rub too hard when removing dust from the screen because you don’t want to etch the plastic. 
  • Remove dust and pocket lint from the seams, charging port and other hard-to-reach areas with a toothpick. Remember that a micro USB port has metal pins that are very delicate and easy to bend, so be very careful when cleaning this part of your vape mod. 
  • Remove oxidation and e-liquid residue from your mod’s threading by inserting a cotton swab and pushing the swab down gently while spinning it. If the cotton swab comes out dirty, repeat the process until a swab comes out clean. Keeping your device’s threading clean is important because it’ll help to ensure consistent power transfer between the mod and the tank. It’s also important because e-liquid can potentially contaminate the device’s internal components if it isn’t removed from the device’s threading promptly. 

In general, it shouldn’t be necessary to clean the inside of your vape mod’s battery compartment because the compartment is well protected from dust and spends most of its time closed. If e-liquid leaks inside your vape mod, remove the battery, dry it thoroughly and set it aside. Next, use paper towels to remove as much of the e-liquid as possible from the inside of the device’s battery compartment.  

If you’re concerned that a large volume of e-liquid may have fouled your device’s internal electronics, it may be possible to remove some or all of the moisture by sealing your vape mod in a bag of dried rice for a day. If you happen to have some silica gel packets, those may be even more effective. After removing your device from the bag, you’ll hopefully find that it’s working normally again. 

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