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Tips For Creating Interactive Instagram Content for More Followers

Tips For Creating Interactive Instagram Content for More Followers

Interactive content, according to enthusiasts, is more successful than static material at informing customers, generating social shares, as well as distinguishing a company. If we consider the recent studies, introducing interactivity generates a two percent increase in inquiries.

Why hasn’t everybody also gotten on the interactive content trend if it was so able to succeed? Individuals lack the necessary budget, tools, and developer skills, also according to the survey. Even if they believe in the advantages of interactive material, they may not have had the resources to implement it.

What is interactive content?

There seems to be a slew of reports over the years claiming that the average attention span is eroding, placing us on par with the supposedly unfused goldfish. Whereas many individuals believe in the eight-second attention span, advertisers are vying for that attention.

Whenever the viewer is deliberately urged to interact only with content that they are watching, this is referred to as interactive content. It might be as simple as asking queries during a live webcast, utilizing a tool or calculator, or completing a quiz. From content providers like Buzzfeed to content makers like Netflix, many viewers are accustomed to interacting with interactive content daily.

Tell a story

It’s no coincidence that they’re dubbed “Stories”! Instead of swiping through, you really would like to stimulate your audience’s interest and urge them to get to another slide. This can be accomplished by using your slides to tell a tale. A good story has a distinct beginning, center, and finish, and it begins with a strong hook — something which piques your audience’s interest and makes them want to hear more. You can buy Instagram comments and get enhanced interaction on your posts, so the account and the reach grow further. 

Interactive Calculators

An interactive calculation is an essential tool for marketers that accepts input from the user and computations based on that evidence. It could be used at any point in the buyer’s journey to personalize the encounter and move the customer through the sales pipeline.

Interactive calculators are extremely useful since they may quickly provide solutions to a user’s problems. Interactive calculators are also a terrific method to create leads and promote your product as the leading element in the industry. 

Interactive Videos

Another wonderful approach to incorporate interactive content is through interactive videos, which use the format that has the most awareness and engagement of any media kind.

Interactive movies can feature links to landing pages, quizzes, or the ability to skip to specific areas based on the viewer’s preferences. There are several excellent tools available to assist you in creating these types of videos. Still, YouTube offers basic video interaction cards that really can prompt your viewers to follow your Instagram account or watch other videos.

Instructional Live videos

There are numerous approaches to a Live video, and that it’s entirely up to you to determine which is the greatest fit for your organization. Streaming activities and interviewing people are two of the most prevalent Live video applications. 

By performing a Live educational video, you can shake up your audience’s expectations. You can also respond to questions from the response using the interactive how-to clips.


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