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Tips For Finding Accommodation When Heading Off To University

Tips For Finding Accommodation When Heading Off To University

Moving away from home to head off to university is a mixture of both excitement and terrifying experience. It can fill you with anxiety to be out in the great big world all by yourself. But, it can also be exciting to finally have that time away from your parents. 

Group Of College Students In Shared House Bedroom Studying Together

Apart from all of the emotions that you’re going to feel, there’s also that need to go through a lot of preparation. For you to have a great university life balance, your chosen accommodation must be one that you’ll be happy and comfortable in. After all, this is your home away from home. 

To help you out, here are some of the best pointers to keep in mind when looking for the right university accommodation for you: 

1. Create A List Of Non-Negotiables

Your list of non-negotiables refers to those amenities in a student accommodation facility that you need to have. This list is a highly personal one, and there are so many options for you to choose from, thus it’s important to narrow down your option, starting with Omnia Accommodation Sheffield. These amenities are absolutely needed for you to be comfortable and happy as you navigate your time at the university. 

Here are the questions you need to ask when creating this list:

  • What are your needed priorities in your accommodation?
  • Apart from the Internet, what are other things that you need?
  • Do you need to be very close to the central town? Or is it okay for you to do a little commute or walk-in exchange for a cheaper rental?
  • How safe is the neighborhood? 

2. Have A List Of People To Contact

Before you go to your university’s location, it’s prudent to have a list of contact people already. This would include heads of dormitories, landlords, or property owners. That way, you can speed up the viewing process once it’s time for you to head out to your destination to check on the available accommodation. Plus, should you have any questions, you already started an open line of communication early on. 

When you have this pre-determined list, it’s also easier to move on to other options, just in case your first choice is unavailable. You don’t waste any time or run the risk again of losing your accommodation of choice to another.

3. Keep Your Budget In Mind

Another crucial factor that you shouldn’t forget to consider is your budget. Never go for accommodation that you know you’re going to have a hard time paying for. Else, on top of the subjects that you’ll have to study for, this can only be an added stress for you. Be realistic about your budget, especially when you’re going to shoulder a part of the expense yourself. 

Generally, for university students, the parents don’t pay for the entirety of the student accommodation rental. It’s common for these students to have a part-time job after class to help shoulder education expenses. Along with other incidental expenses, you’ll want to balance out your rent expense, so that you can truly have a blast enjoying and making the most out of your university life

If you still find it hard to get accommodation that you can afford, it’s also worth considering sharing with a friend. Not only do you have someone to divide the expense with, but you also have a housemate. This way, you don’t have to feel so alone since you’re away from home. 

4. Consider Your Living Preference

Different students have the respective living preferences that they know for sure they’ll be comfortable in. It’s up to you, therefore, to choose the one which you know you best prefer. 

For instance, are you the type who prefers to stay within the campus, and don’t mind living in a shared dormitory? Or are you more independent, looking for a little more space to be on your own? 

When you take the time to search for potential accommodations and not rush the process, you’ll find that there are just so many options to choose from along university circles. This gives you that assurance of landing the accommodation that you truly prefer. 

5. Study The Inclusions Of Your Rent Price

As you compare the rental price among different accommodations, you’ll also have to study the inclusions in that rental price. As you can already consider these as bonus perks, focus on what extras are included in the price. 

For instance, two properties have the same monthly rent. But, the other has a gym and a study hall inclusion, while the other one doesn’t. If you’re wise, you should choose the property that extras for the same rental price. That way, you’ve got more value for your money.

Thankfully, today, students going off to university have more freedom of choice when it comes to the kind of accommodation they desire. Gone are the days of student accommodation that look like it’s coming straight out of a horror movie. 

Today, housing options aren’t just more affordable, but there’s a wider variety of options. If you’re headed off to find that accommodation for your university stay, keep in mind the tips enumerated above.

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