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Tips for First Time Cannabis Consumers

Tips for First Time Cannabis Consumers

Your first cannabis consumption will elicit mixed emotions. There’s an element of excitement, fear, and a sense of adventure. To make sure your first time of trying cannabis is a 100% pleasant memory, these tips are for you:

Start with edibles

Since smoking and inhaling stuff is not natural among many people, trying weed edibles first is a great compromise. Edibles are food products that have a hint of intoxicating herbs in them, such as cannabis. Since this is your first time, starting with a small dose of edibles is a good decision. It is also essential to take your mind off the awaited-high because your body will take its time digesting the food first before you feel something new and different. 

Choose a safe venue

Having said that edibles take time to give you a high, it is crucial to lounge in a safe place around people you’re comfortable with. Driving, playing sports, or being in school are not ideal situations. As soon as you get intoxicated, you are likely to experience euphoria and a sense that time passes so slowly. The experience will impair your judgment, your reactions, and your perceptions. Making sure that you’re in a safe place to prevent mishaps from happening is key.

Maintain a peaceful space

When ingesting cannabis, it is important to feel at peace instead of threatened. Intoxication due to marijuana will heighten your senses, and in some cases, users feel exponentially more anxious and paranoid. If it helps, you can play your favorite songs and prepare special snacks. Since cannabis intoxication can drastically influence your hunger level, preparing different meals will come in handy. 

Be adventurous and wise

Trying out your first edibles is undoubtedly worth experiencing, but an overwhelming overdose can intensely shock your senses. Since you still don’t know your threshold, starting with a minimal dose and slowly increasing it is the safest way of testing your limits. Taking over one dose a night can give you a hangover, and a feeling of being extremely tired despite having slept. Whether you’re a homemaker, working, or studying, this kind of hangover will hinder your best self.

Monitor your intake

Edibles look and taste excellent. If you’re not careful, you can accidentally overdose by having one too many brownies or candies. If you love sweets, having cannabis-infused snacks as well as non-intoxicating ones, are the way to go. If you’re trying edibles for a good night’s sleep, you can start with a 1:1 on TCH and CDB.  

The sensation from eating and smoking cannabis are similar

Smoking a joint or filling yourself up with edibles will have the same sensation. What would be different is how long it takes before the high kicks in and how long it will last. Edibles don’t take effect immediately, but the period of high lasts longer compared to other methods of experiencing cannabis.

There are plenty of ways to try cannabis, and edibles are an excellent place to start. Heed these tips for the most enjoyable first-time experience!



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