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Tips for getting the most from skip bins

Tips for getting the most from skip bins

Hiring skip bins is easy. Unless you select the correct type of bins and know how to make the best use of the available space to remove the accumulated garbage or construction waste during a home renovation project, you will be overspending. Economizing the costs should be on the top of your mind when hiring skip bins. To spend judiciously, you must know the best techniques for bin hire Frankston so that you can utilize the bin to the fullest and get the best value for money. 

Besides selecting the right size of the bin, you must ensure its proper filling in an organized manner instead of just throwing anything in the bin randomly. Give some thought and create a plan for disposal by choosing the types of items and then determining the best way to place them in the bin to occupy the optimal space in the bin. It will make room for loading more items in the bin and reduce the cost incurred for removing the trash.

To improve the load capacity of bins, the tips given below should come in handy.

Maintain a flat bottom

The more evenly you spread the items at the bottom of the bin better will be the space utilization. Although you should try to place the heaviest items at the bottom, consider its shape to decide whether it would help maintain the flatness or leave some unusable spaces that are hard to fill later. If the items placed at the bottom of the bin is of irregular shape, it will be hard to maintain evenness and leave unusable voids, thereby preventing good use of the available space. Think carefully before placing any heavy object at the bottom because trying to manoeuvre it later will only create more problems and increase the work. 

Cut it, break it or snap it

Suppose you have to deal with odd-shaped heavy or bulky items that should sit at the bottom of the bin for maintaining the flatness. In that case, the only solution is to break the bigger pieces into smaller ones that reduce the oddity of shape and bring some uniformity that helps maintain the bottom of the bin.  The flatter is the bottom; more items can go into the bin and ensure their maximum use. Remember that you must not exceed the rim of the bin while filling it.

Eliminate gaps

Stuff the bin tightly so that there are minimal gaps. Gaps are unwanted because it occupies space and limits the scope of utilizing the available space to the fullest. Pack the materials tightly so that there are almost no gaps.  

Sort the waste materials

Avoid throwing items into the bin randomly and instead take time to sort the things according to weight and size and the type of material so that you can put the heavier items at the bottom and keep the lighter materials on the top. 

Moreover, the sorting will help to identify items suitable for recycling. You can even find some items that you can sell and get some money.  


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