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Tips for Picking Colors for Home Decor and Ensuring Healthy Sleep

Tips for Picking Colors for Home Decor and Ensuring Healthy Sleep

Decorating is a fulfilling activity when you have some of the knowledge you need to implement the basics. With a few tips in mind you can enjoy the satisfaction and reinvigorating effect of interior decorating. One of the crucial aspects of decorating is selecting colors and palettes. Pick colors that will create cohesion within your space while expressing your personal style.

Color Distribution and Visual Balance

Devoting a major percentage of the room to a particular and dominant hue is among the helpful guidelines for interior decor. The remaining portions of the room should feature a secondary and accent color. This is useful for maintaining visual balance while preventing you from being excessive with dull neutrals or bright colors.

Dominant hues should ideally be neutrals or subtle colors that feature low saturation. Secondary colors are typically brighter and accent colors are bold to invigorate the space. The main color can be used to paint the walls, secondary colors can be used on upholstery and accent colors work well with accessories.

Dark and Light Colors

Rooms usually look better when color tones move from darker to lighter in a vertical motion. This is why ceilings are often beige or white when and walls are darker colors. For lower pieces such as tables and rugs, opt for darker tones and medium tones for walls.

Matching and Contrasting

Color wheels are tools that are available online to help you determine how to match and contrast colors in your decorating scheme. The colors are arranged according to the amount of light that is required to produce them. A calm appearance can be achieved by using blues, greens and teals while striking contrasts such as pale green and bright purple provide an enlivening boost. Read sleep sherpa mattress reviews here.

Healthy Sleep

Sleep is important for keeping your heart healthy. Lack of sleep is linked to worsening cholesterol and blood pressure, which increases the risk for heart disease. Getting enough sleep will contribute to a healthier heart and other health benefits.

Stress Relief

Being sleep sufficient makes you susceptible to stress. There are relaxation techniques that can be used by people who find it difficult to fall asleep by helping to combat stress and cause drowsiness. The stressful conditions that are experienced during the day are dealt with through regular sleep. Sleep is a natural remedy that gives you peace of mind.

Energy and Alertness

Sleeping well at night boosts energy and makes you alert the following day. Being active during the day increases the possibility of enjoying another night of good sleep. When you feel refreshed in the morning, you have the energy you need and will sleep better at night. This helps to increase energy levels as time goes on.


  • Sleep gives you a moment to relax as well as time for your body to repair the damage that is caused by exposure to harmful toxic substances, stress and other aspects of daily life.
  • More protein is produced by your cells as you sleep allows them to restore the body.
  • Improve your chances of getting the sleep you need by regulating the temperature in your room, taking a warm bath before bed, keeping your room clean and investing in a comfortable mattress.

Katherine Bridge is a lifestyle and design writer. She enjoys covering a wide range of topics that can appeal to diverse readers. She is a yoga enthusiast, optimist and advocate for healthy living. Visit the site for more sleep sherpa mattress reviews.


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