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Tips for Proper Maintenance of Your Car’s Air Conditioner

Tips for Proper Maintenance of Your Car’s Air Conditioner

You should consult experts like REVS before buying a used car. They can provide you the car history report of a used car by simply sharing the VIN number or registration number and on payment of a small fee. The car history report can help you get the best deals on used car. 

Your car’s air conditioner plays an important role in cooling the cabin and providing you a comfortable ride during the scorching summer months. You should follow the below-mentioned tips to ensure proper maintenance of air conditioner in your used car: 

Use Your Air Conditioner Regularly 

You should use your car’s air conditioner regularly, even during the winter months. It should be used at least once a week for a minimum of 10 minutes. This maintains the gas pressure and keeps the air conditioner working properly. 

Follow Scheduled Servicing and Inspections 

Your car’s air conditioner will function at its optimal level if it is serviced regularly. You should ensure that it is serviced for scheduled maintenance without fail. You can also plan to get it serviced before the start of summer season. This will not only provide you comfort inside the cabin; it will also help you to save time and money if you decided to get it serviced during the peak summer months. 

Clean the Air Filter

The air filter is usually located behind the glove box of your car. Dust can pass through your cabin and into the air filter which can slowly clog it. This will restrict the airflow from the air conditioner and will degrade its performance. The dirt and grime on the air filter can also act as breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microbes. You should clean the air filter regularly to get the best performance from the air conditioner.  

Check Refrigerant Level

The cool air which is processed and blown from the air conditioner is cooled by a refrigerant. You should regularly keep checking the refrigerant to ensure that the air conditioner is working properly and is providing cool air inside the cabin. The refrigerant of the air conditioner also has a recharge time which is generally 2-3 years. You should remind the technician to check the refrigerant level during routine servicing of your car. 

Use the Air Conditioner Correctly 

You should use your car’s air conditioner correctly to get the best out of it. You should lower the car’s window as soon as you enter it and set the blower to maximum speed. This will blow out all the hot air from the car’s cabin and help to cool the interior quickly. After this, you should turn on the air conditioner on the highest speed and wait for the cabin to cool quickly. Once the cabin is cooled, you can turn the air conditioner from the highest to lower speed. You should also change the setting from fresh air to recirculated air. This helps to take the cooler air from inside the cabin and process it through the receiver dryer. This will cool your cabin faster and the compressor of your car’s air conditioner also won’t need to work as often. This will also improve the fuel efficiency. 


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