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Tips on How to Decorate Your Home With Your Kids in Mind

Tips on How to Decorate Your Home With Your Kids in Mind

When decorating your house, you need to consider your preferences so that you will enjoy it. Things will change though if you already have kids since you need to keep them in mind when dealing with decorations. These tips will help you make your place look fantastic, but child-friendly at the same time.

Incorporate distractions 

You want your place to look clean and orderly. You can’t expect it to stay that way when you have kids. They will most likely mess things around. The smart move is to keep distractions a part of your home decor. They will help in keeping your kids away from the expensive, breakable items. For instance, you can have a music room or a playroom where kids can stay messy if they want. You can also have a rock-climbing wall or a pottery area so that your kids can get messy whenever they want. You would rather have a separate area for these activities to prevent them from destroying your decor in the living room or bedroom.

Let go of furniture with sharp edges

Safety is another essential consideration when you have kids. When they play around, they won’t mind whatever harm is in their way. They don’t have a clear sense of danger. As an adult, you know what could be harmful to them, so you need to steer clear of these things. Remove furniture with sharp edges. Use an ottoman if you want, as it is safe for kids. It also provides kids with extra seating that serves as a footrest.

Don’t be afraid of using antiques

You might worry that your kids will play around and break your expensive antique collections. It is understandable for you to feel this way, but you can still go for antique seating. These seats are sturdy, and they look amazing. When placed next to modern decor and fabrics, the juxtaposition will seem fabulous. Don’t let your kids prevent you from using antique decorations if you think they would look great in your house.

Choose the right fabric

The problem with kids is they keep messing things up. If you have expensive fabrics, you can expect the kids to put stains on them by the end of the day. Therefore, you need to find fabrics that don’t readily absorb stains. There are fabrics that you can easily wipe with a sponge if there are stains on the surface. A rubberised floor is also a good idea to avoid slipping instead of having expensive carpets that are susceptible to stains.

Buy a clear museum gel

If you want to use breakable items as part of your home décor, but you are afraid your kids will run around and break them, use a clear museum gel. It helps to make sure that even when your kids are careless, your breakable items won’t shutter.

Kids are a blessing in many ways, but they can also cause a headache if you wish to have a lovely home. Therefore, you need to keep them in mind when decorating your place.



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