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Tips on how to take a beautiful photo on the beach

Tips on how to take a beautiful photo on the beach

When you go on a vacation to the sea or ocean, do not miss the chance to arrange a photoshoot on the beach. It doesn’t matter at what time of the day you are going to take pictures, because sand and water surface always look attractive. Images emit the warmth of the sun that illuminates these places and also allows you to forget about the noise of the city at least for a moment.

However, shooting on the beach also brings many problems, including potential camera damage, privacy issues, etc. It is not an easy task to make large an open space interesting. To take a good shot, consider the following tips while you work. 

Prepare a good place before shooting

Many people think that beach photos always look dull and the same. Your task is to surprise them with an interesting location, unique composition, and angle. For example, instead of trivially shooting sunbathers, take a shot with footprints in the sand or with a person collecting seashells. So, you show viewers the beauty of details.

Alternatively, you can focus on the size of the beach. Experiment with camera angles to be able to choose the best shot. A good example would be a shot that allows the viewer to explore the entire shore. If there are people at the location, try to left only the smallest possible number in the frame, and, besides, they shouldn’t be in the spotlight. Sightseeing photos of the entire beach can inspire you with new concepts.

On the other hand, a photograph of a group of travelers who interact with their surroundings looks dynamic. In this case, the photo must not be staged. An interesting idea would be to portray people who play volleyball or engage in any other sport or activity on the beach.

Shoot during sunrise or sunset

For your photos to have a magical golden hue, shoot within 10-15 minutes after sunrise or one hour before sunset. Such a warm and soft light not only makes any frame more pleasing to the eye but also makes post-production easier. Not many tourists get up early so the morning photoshoot location promises to be uninhabited. The main thing is to choose the angle, concept and plan the shadows in advance since you do not have much time.

Use a flash or anything that reflects light

If you want to remove shadows on the faces of people in the photo, use the flash. The best time to use this technique is when shooting in the sun. Take a few shots before starting the photo session to find out which effect looks better. If you don’t have the flash, you can use a reflector or anything that can diffuse sunlight.

It’s important to keep in mind that when shooting with the flash turned on at full power, objects or people in the picture may appear blurry and artificial. If they look overexposed and you cannot reduce the flash power, try moving away a little from the subject and using the zoom. So, you reduce the impact of the flash but get a tighter crop. Experiment to achieve the ideal.

Track a horizon line

One of the most common problems in photoshoots on the beach is that you have to work with wide-open spaces with a long and continuous horizon line. Make every effort to ensure that the horizon remains perpendicular to the frame. Also, try to position it off-center as, otherwise, it will create a feeling that the photo is split in half. It is recommended to place the transition between the earth and sky closer to the top or bottom of the photo.

The right post-production

Working with beach photos is a pleasure, as natural light and beautiful landscapes do most of the work for you. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to editing people in the photo. Young girls often ask to correct facial features, make skin smooth or edit their appearance to look more “radiant and natural”. Therefore, you should get a good face fix photo editor. 

This is a very responsible task, and even those who are good at Photoshop rarely work with people in the photo. Finding a selfie editor online is easier. Even professional editors in magazines do not deny that they use special programs for this purpose. For example, Retouchme was created by professionals specifically to facilitate the post-production process. This face edit app has many useful tools including those that allow correcting a face, body and skin. 

Take black and white photos

This is a rather unusual solution for beach photos as we are used to seeing them bright and sunny. The rejection of colors in favor of a black and white effect makes the picture mysterious and completely changes the mood of the image. This is not suitable in all cases, so be careful. But if you feel that this is what can make your shot better, feel free to do it. This is also a great way to edit photos taken on cloudy days, as otherwise, they would look dull.

The beach can be a great place for simply beautiful images as well as an unusual photo session. Both beginners and professionals will find inspiration near the water. The main thing is to prepare a shooting plan in advance. Also, don’t forget about the post-production stage where the editor’s task is to make focus on the advantages of the location and get rid of shortcomings.

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