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Tips On Turning Your Bedroom Into An Eco-Friendly Haven

Tips On Turning Your Bedroom Into An Eco-Friendly Haven

Every day, your body endures a hectic day of work and stress, and every time you go home, you want to spend your time relaxing. Your bedroom is the place where you rest and sleep, where you spend about eight hours every night, enjoying the peace and comfort it brings. That’s why you may want to transform your bedroom into a toxin-free, more rejuvenating, and healthier environment for you to relax and sleep in. 

Check out these tips to help you turn your bedroom into an eco-friendly haven today:

Go Green and Organic 

In the past, nylon sheets or human-made fibers were very popular. However, such fabric types create sparks when coming in contact with nylon pajamas, with toenails and fingernails latching onto the threads. These fabrics may also cause overheating and night sweating. Using nylon sheets were very uncomfortable and also have a large carbon footprint because of the manufacturing process. 

Luckily, eco friendly mattresses are now available, and are made produced without using large quantities of chemicals, thus reducing the toxin levels in your bedroom. Pure organic cotton in eco-friendly mattresses has not been soaked in chemicals like pesticides during its manufacturing process. Now you can enjoy a safe and comfortable sleep every night with a chemical-free and eco-friendly mattress. 

Other eco-friendly options include mattresses that are made of all-natural latex, hemp, bamboo, or wool. Futon mattresses that have not been treated with flame retardants is also a good idea. If you have a conventional mattress that is treated with fire retardants, choose a mattress cover that is made of food-grade polyethylene. 

Declutter Wisely

If you want a relaxing room, keep away stacks of papers, piles of laundry, and other unnecessary things around your bedroom. Donate unused and unwanted clothing, and give away excess bedding. Declutter your bedroom for a more organized space and improved mood for rest and sleep.

Cut Down on Gadgets and Other Electronics 

Appliances and other electronic devices generate positive ions and create electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere, which is harmful to human beings. The body can absorb these electrical by-products during sleep, and the light generated by electrical devices can also interfere with the body’s natural sleep cycles.

However, it is hard to eliminate TVs inside bedrooms nowadays because it’s a major source of entertainment in every home. Here are some tips to help minimize any possible harmful or adverse effects of gadgets and other electrical equipment:

  • Keep your laptops, phones, and tablets turned off or away from the bedroom when you’re not using these gadgets.
  • Try to turn all electronic devices and equipment off at night, such as your electric beds, electric blankets, mobile phones, and lamps. 
  • Place a Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom as it generates negative ions to counter the effects of electrically-generated positive ions. It creates a sense of inner peace, well being, and balance. 
  • Remove electromagnetic radiation in your bedroom by placing house plants, like a Peace Lily, to help improve indoor air quality. Fresh flowers can help create a beautiful scent in your bedroom and a more pleasing and relaxing mood.

Choose Low or No VOC Paints 

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are dangerous chemicals, giving the paint a typically strong smell that can offgas chemicals for many years. That’s why it’s essential to use low or no VOC paints rather than traditional VOC paints in your bedroom walls. 

Use Insulated Window Treatments 

You can cut down on cooling and heating costs and save energy by using insulated window treatments like blinds and curtains to retain heat during winter and keep your bedroom cooler during summer. 

Invest in Used Furniture 

Second-hand or used furniture is a wise investment. Aside from saving you money, it is a healthier choice because any toxic finishes are already off-gassed. So don’t refuse your grandma’s hand-me-down furniture. Be grateful to find a rare collection of nightstands, dressers, and cabinets. 

Choose Eco-Friendly Floor Coverings

Opt for tile, bamboo, or hardwood if you want to change your floor covering. When choosing bedroom carpets, refuse ones that have been treated with fire retardants, antimicrobial treatments, and those that are stain-resistant. Many carpets are made with formaldehyde, benzene,  xylene, and p-Dichlorobenzene that can release off-gas for years, which is dangerous to your health. 


Transform your bedroom into an eco-friendly haven—a place where you can retreat to relax and unwind. An eco-friendly bedroom is free from toxic substances that can be absorbed by the body, causing negative effects like chronic respiratory and skin conditions, and even cancer. Applying the tips mentioned above will help you achieve a greener, healthier, and safer bedroom so you can fully enjoy a relaxing and restful sleep.  

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